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To coalesce a few threads. Get it?!

I bought some of that splatter “1000D Cordura.” Straight up, that shit aint Cordura . I have never been a stickler for the brand names of anything but fuck man, this shit is hard nylon with an entirely different thread structure. It’s still just as durable for any for our use but there is a noticeable feel and sew difference than real cordura. I’m actually thinking about reaching out to my supplier to ask them whats up because they are relatively big and marketed it as “cordura” which is a trademark. I’d be interested to know either way.

ANYWAY, what made me start this thread.

I got that shit in yesterday. Knocked out a bar bag tonight. I was planning on using on my Stoemper because of the color scheme but it really didn’t match so I’ll probably just sell this one plus a few more I knock out. The photo is garbage but I’ll catch a few good photos in real daylight this week.


Yes please tell me where to send money if that is an option, this is great.


here’s the AU splatterbagger

including tiny backpack and feedbags for his kid

straws where do you order your codura™️

@straws if you make a saddlebag, I will buy it. Bought a tool roll from Cory at Anza Bag Co that is TAF and I like, but folks want (local) options.

Honestly, mostly ebay. You can get black cordura for $9/yd shipped. I get the splatter stuff from Rockywoods. They’re a great supplier but their prices are kinda high and shipping is never less than like $15 so I try to load up on supplies when I need something they have.

Anza is SF based as well, I think.

I’m going to make a couple tool rolls today out of scrap to get a design down.

Yeah, I worked with Cory at SB a few years back.

Can I buy one?

Yes, I’ll post it here when I stock up.

Actually I might just make a marketplace thread for that occasion.


Dude we’ll support you some if you want to make things. Hmu in the pms if you want an idea


I want some custom bags and to not deal with talking to swift or anyone on the phone.

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Talking to them in person isn’t better ATMO.

Explain why?

Meh, I’ve said too much already. I’ve bought their stuff and likely will again. But there are aspects of Swift I don’t care for. Call it personal pref.

Loving the splatter!

Has anyone fondled one of those Outer Shell Basket Bags? Looks pretty slick

In for bar bag for sure.

I’ve liked the stuff I’ve purchased from them. I don’t like that I keep seeing instagram updates and no response to the email I sent them like four weeks ago (regarding trying to buy more stuff from them).

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No but I just bought a pair of feedbags and own a tangle bag from them. I’m very impressed with the bags to date. The feedbags are better than the Revelate jobbers ATMO.

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omg this!

Added to the database a while back. Waiting for verdict/ consensus