Bags and stuff

Outershell Adventure is an acquaintance of mine, he’s rad and makes super quality products.

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not local to US dudes and dudettes but a fella in aus is making wald bags as well and is a cool guy

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Dudes is a non gendered term

i originally wrote just dudes but edited my post, but that is good to know for future reference

Addressing someone as “dude” is non-gendered atmo, but if you say “that dude”, I think the common assumption is “that person I perceive as male.”

I think addressing a group as dudes is non gendered but a dude is.

maybe a bunch of dudes shouldn’t decide if dude is a non gendered term?

(throwing out love for y’all, all y’all etc.)


Don’t appropriate my Kentucky words you prison island filth.




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And you’re surpried that we steal things?



Yo @EndpointBraden does that little mini rando bag you post sometimes exist for purchase?

Been testing a few Wald 137/2 bags. They all work fine, but my favorite is the Troutmoose (orange) because of its simplicity. The Dark Realm and PTAP have more capacity, though.

I’m trying to find one of those Molle bags but in black or something not camo

EDIT I don’t think they exist. Google even suggests a search for a Coyote colored one but only camo patterned ones come up

Now that I’m in post-courier life I think it’s time to make myself a 137 bag.


Sooo. Bike pants.

yeah yeah I know.

bike pants that are also a bag for a wald basket


taking off pants
“what are you doing?”
“do you expect me to portage my artisanal pizza ingredients out in the open air?!”