Bags and stuff

I might be interested if it’s not completely destroyed and you don’t want to make it big in Japan.


I sold my seagull for very close to its new cost after 10 years of use


colors on this are perfect. 4 inside pockets, 4 outside pockets too


Who made it and is it fit for a 139?

carsick. it’s a 137 bag


RE: keeping the dream alive bags.
I still use my xl transient mess bag for most traveling. Been thinking about replacing it with a large backpack ala roadrunner americano or reload midpack.

exchange rates down, post carradices Carradice Super C Bicycle Saddlebag Cotton Duck - AUDAX Tour COMMUTE 23 litres | eBay

(anyone here used the big Super C? I have an Audax I like as a handlebar bag, but the big boy seems unwise for that duty versus a small fabs chest)

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Too heavy atmo


Not bike bag, but related q: I think I’m going to order an ILE Default backpack today. I was just going to get Cordura, but now it’s a birthday present, should I get xpac instead? I imagine it’s a weight vs durability trade-off but I already weigh a lot so not sure the weight matters much.

xpac is still plenty durable blArTMO


Xpac is def durable enough, it just might show wear more readily than cordura.

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Think I will go with Xpac then… They have a nicer green color in Xpac anyway lol

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Def get xpac if you’re splurging. It looks like they still put a 1680D ballistic nylon footprint on it.