Bar Fight!

Went back 10 pages just incase this was a repost

Yell at eachother about bars in this thread

I’ll start

FACT: track drops look great, you’re riding in the city, no shame in spending all your time by the stem
FACT: Bullhorn in all form are ugly
FACT: flat bars > risers all day every day
FACT: for the love of tarckbear put SOMETHING on your bars, naked bars are the worst possible thing.

flats over risers?!?!

Bullhorns can’t do what hoods can do

Bullhorns are the funnest to ride. More fun than any.

Promenade bars are best for alcoholism.

Chop and flops ≠ bullhorns

bullhorns are the best bars for city riding.

so true

This or risers.

Arc bars are sexy as hell, but need a long ass stem to not feel cramped, unless it’s on an upright cruiser.

Track bars on a road fix almost always make you look stupid. Especially when you have them on a drop stem that was made from a flipped comfort bike riser stem and you have to hump your back like a mutated retard to reach into the drops. Don’t be like that dumb fuck who tried posting here a few weeks ago.

great if you don’t plan on riding fast or climbing

carbon bars and leather tape is the best combination

-zero deg stem with risers looks a lot better than a +rise stem with flat bars, and you get the same end result
-fuck you if you’ve ridden drops with one hood


also, fuck you z for basing your preference of drops over horns on “ugly” vs “looks great”

  1. Bullhorns look badass unless they’re angled stupidly or made by Soma.
  2. Bullhorns are awesome for climbing hills on a fixed gear bike.
  3. Syntace Stratos are the best bullhorns, giving you 3 comfortable positions.
  4. Bullhorns are super sweet and that’s a fact.

i think i like my chop-n-flips more than rb-021s

but i should probably just get “real” horns without the drop

also, putting your hands by the stem all the time on track drops is one of the most jackass things around.

bward, let’s race

toast, fuck you for having oury +1" of space on either side of your flat bars

at least its not “yruo” grips (on a black pake)