Bear head badge 3d printed

Markup is set to $0.00 on all of these.


Here’s the link. Right now the badge itself has an ID of 33mm (to account for paint and VHB tape), which should work on many bikes that have a 31.8mm-ish OD head tube for a 1" steerer-ed fork.
(I can make other diameters if other folks are interested)

Just updated it to have a bunch of different colors and materials available.
I think @Rusty_Piton 's is made from “polished bronze-silver steel”. Previously that was the only material other than pink plastic.

Let me know and I will update to any/all of the other materials shapeways offers if you want something else.


9/8 (ec34) HT please!!


Looks like I have two of these! One on the head tube of my fixie and one on the down tube of my H/G. I’ll get pics, hang on.

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The brass one is on a 1” head tube and the pink one is on whatever tube diameter the v1 H/G down tube is.


Can I ask a dumb question, how does Shapeways work?
You upload a design, add a possible markup for your design, then they handle the print and ship with their own markup added?

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Pretty much!

I’m happy to share this with Tarckers who have printer access if y’all want to make your own.

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This is cool. I might get one of these but also thought it would be fun to do my own with part of my logo. Fired up Fusion360 and watched some tutorials. SENKO “S” headbadges will be an option now!


I’ll need one of these, in tapered size way.

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One of the bear ones? If so I’ll need the two diameters and the length of the tapered section between them please.

Or the senko ‘s’


What’s the tape people use for these? I see Jimmy says VHB but there are like 25 VHB tapes

3m VHB in ?? Thickness

.02" - .025" thickness tape should work fine. (.6mm). I’d go for the “foam” type so there’s a bit of give.

Or any thin good double-sided tape you could use a couple of layers to build thickness if you need it (depends on how thick the paint is on your head tube, etc.).

Stick to the back of the badge first, use an exacto to trim the edges off.

If you can’t find a roll for sale at a reasonable cost, ask around a signmaking shop if you can get a few inches.

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Thank you! The PO pried the Surly headbadge off my Big Dummy so I actually have a pretty good use-case for ordering one of these.

(also, this has forced me to learn about “mil” thickness, which like NPT diameters, make zero sense to me a priori)