Bear legs or bare legs?

to start, im a hairy dude. my arms and legs are not covered in carpet, but its pretty serious.

question for you guys, do those of you with hairy arms, and everything else shave your legs or just leave it be?

also, if you shave, why?

unless you’re racing (and crashing) regularly, shaving just isn’t necessary atmo

shave bc i race and when i fall, i get tons of roadrash. crosses fingers

but ive heard it feels so good!

i dont race, but i do crash… mainly in the dirt.


BEAR LEGS. Also I crash all the time playing polo and almost always have road rash on my knees and elbows and shit. Doesn’t mean you’ll ever see me shaving my legs.

I’ve never shaved my legs before. Tempted to do it for cross season this year cause I’ve been riding a lot, legs are looking pretty good, and vain.

i do not shave my legs

i have very little leg hair

body hair is gross, the only reason i ride bikes is for the excuse to shave legs

I have a magnificent mane of hair… all over my legs, arms and chest. Full-on bearmode.

I don’t shave my face let alone my legs.

this, except i haven’t shaved 'em yet.

I shave. Feels good, and I’m tired of road rash all in my hairs. Also, sexy legs.

[quote=Rusty Piton]I don’t shave my face but i shave my legs.[/quote]FTFM

hairy as fuck, never gonna shave.

but i heard shaving makes your calves look an inch bigger

Bear legs. My hair DOES make my calves an inch bigger.

I’m 125lbs… if I shave legs, they’ll just look girly. No matter how much I ride/train, they just get definition, but not volume.
Yes, I am pretty hairy, but I’ll take that over femine. Also, I’m low maintenance.

I hit 'em with the clippers.

Never shaved before. Got crazy lanky legs . Might in the future? Not sure. Probably not.