Bent cylinders that exist but you wish didnt.


I really want them all to be Phillips though. I’m enjoying the rage


I checked, my bbb multi is real Phillips. incidentally have been riding around with ye jis driver gifted to me by EuroJosh, using it to dial in my new derailleurs.


[quote=jimmythefly][quote=Face][quote=mander]dq 1: Does any multi ever made have a jis driver?
dq 2: Does any screw on any bike have a philips head? difficulty: superflash mount doesn’t count[/quote]

I think y’all missed the main point of the question. JIS vs Philips.
I can’t think of anything other than a bell, light, or other accessory that uses Philips. All limit and tension screws I can think of are JIS, except for some garbage tier components.[/quote]

Wait a sec…even Campy? Huret?[/quote]



Amazon has some mediocre options for JIS bits, but this seems good for $4 (?)


I don’t think I’ve ever touched a limit screw during a ride. Don’t y’all check your bikes before you ride?


it’s a multi, the premise is that I did not and/ or shit has begun happening anyway. also, still wanna know why they all have Phillips




Aside from putting air in the tires, I generally make sure I’ve got two wheels, two pedals, a saddle and handlebars. Other than that, no. Anything that gets discovered to be out of adjustment gets fixed after the ride, or on the ride if it’s bad enough and I have tools with me.


Wow. Just the simple effort of wiping down bike and chain I spin the cranks. It’s not a stretch to hit each gear in the process. Grab the brakes a couple of times to make sure they are centered. We’re talking about 1 minute of actual work to spot potential day ruining issue with bike.


Yeah I don’t do any of that. Sit on bike and go. Maybe check tyre pressure if I haven’t used the bike in more than a month.


Me neither. I do, however, check to ensure that my skewers are tight every time even though I know that they don’t just loosen.

This is because I got my bike back from the a shop once and they failed to tighten the skewer. It was tight enough to barely hold the wheel in, but not tight enough to keep it in after the first bump. This had some pretty bad consequences, though thankfully it happened when I was climbing a hill at 10 mph rather than at a less convenient time.

I did not go back to that shop ever.

Wait so before every ride you put your bike in a stand and check every gear? And you wipe down your chain and bike?


Sure but say the hanger is smanged and now my rd wants to enter the spokes. No problem, just limit it out and ride home. Oh wait, im ergott and i can’t. No problem, i will borrow some kindly stranger’s multi and strip my limit screws a little because it’s god damn phillips for no reason


Every ride? No. Every few rides or so? yes. Chain? Within 2-6 rides on average depending on how it looks. Preventative maintenance and all that. Again, 1 minute every couple rides. That’s why my shit lasts.

I do have multi tool, 2 spares, patch kit, tire lever for almost every ride. I hand my multi tool to other riders most of the time.

Without looking at a bike I’m pretty sure Sram uses hex and I know for sure Campagnolo uses philips with a flat head cut in for options.


Pretty sure I haven’t cleaned a drivetrain for 3-4 years
also never carry a patch kit


Without looking at a bike I’m pretty sure Sram uses hex[/quote]

Anyone ever replace all the JIS screws with hex or is the threading different?


Depends on the quality level for SRAM, my GS 10s RD limits are JIS but my Force 1 RD is hex


Without looking at a bike I’m pretty sure Sram uses hex[/quote]

Anyone ever replace all the JIS screws with hex or is the threading different?[/quote]

As long as you choose hex hardware with the same threading as the JIS you’re replacing there is no issue


I mean, isn’t this why rides have the first few kilometres in them in the first place? Get on bike and ride for 5 minutes, does it ride good? If yes, keep riding. If no, pull over and fix whatever is messed up. Seems like you’re duplicating your work by going through all that shit before leaving.


OMG you’re the guy that fucks up the rhythm of a good group ride with “hold on guys”.

We talk behind you back.


Group ride? Mechanicals are the time when you drink another beer.