Bent cylinders that exist but you wish didnt.


[quote=Lowrey’sOrgan]Pretty sure I haven’t cleaned a drivetrain for 3-4 years
also never carry a patch kit

I change my bartape more often than I clean my drivetrain.


I don’t ever check my bike. Just get on and ride. It’s shifting like shit now and I don’t even bother to put it in the stand to figure out why. Eventually I will, but for now, I just don’t care.


I barely even want to ride my bike, why would I bother going out of my way to do bike-related chores?


Dude my bike was so unfunctional.everything caked with dust and sweat corrosion


[quote=ergott]OMG you’re the guy that fucks up the rhythm of a good group ride with “hold on guys”.

We talk behind you back.[/quote]

Uh, OMG you’re the guy that makes the group ride pick him up from his house and doesn’t get invited back out because you refuse to ride to where everyone meets up I guess?


Uh, pretty sure you 2 are talking about entirely different types of “group rides.”


All in good fun

I ride to the rides. Bottom line, just look at your bikes once in a while. If nothing else, for safety. No shortage of component failures that can not just ruin your day, they can fuck you up bad. I’m sure I’m not telling anyone here something they’ve never heard before.


only thing i do before a ride is give my thomPson stem bolts a couple hefty full turns with the ol’ tri allen.


This sounds like in driver’s ed where they tell you to give your car a walk around before every drive. I don’t do that either


I don’t think anyone does except drag racers and the pope’s driver.


Tarck is about infinite adjustability while riding.


Truck drivers too 'cause the hater ass government wants you to make sure your brakes work before you’re travelling down the highway at 60mph


Truck drivers too 'cause the hater ass government wants you to make sure your brakes work before you’re travelling down the highway at 60mph[/quote]
toomany regulations


punk ass govt


this deserves praise


Bent cylinders that exist cuz Mr. Pubes came around with a tri allen.


yall were better with track bikes

when our bikes could be maintained with 9 allen bolts (5 chainring bolts on your sugino 75s, 2 on your 1A, 1 on your sugino seatpost binder, and one on your nitto s65), and 6 15mm nuts/bolts (two on each tire, one holding each crankarm into your unsealed bottom bracket)


I remember Sunday afternoons when I would take every moving piece on my bike apart and regreased every bearing. And I remember being bored an hour later because I was done.


$3500, 1100 gram per set clincher tubeless disc aerospokes anyone?


I think those are the ones I was seeing folks riding at world cup XC races. I had looked for them online for a minute and couldn’t find anything.