Bent cylinders that exist but you wish didnt.


I’ll be happy to test that out for you


[quote=oogens]yall were better with track bikes

when our bikes could be maintained with 9 allen bolts (5 chainring bolts on your sugino 75s, 2 on your 1A, 1 on your sugino seatpost binder, and one on your nitto s65), and 6 15mm nuts/bolts (two on each tire, one holding each crankarm into your unsealed bottom bracket)[/quote]

Ok I’ll bite. Headset? Wheel bearing cones/nuts? BB cups and lockring? Cog/lockring? Spoke nips?


hahahahaha, cone nuts. Come on man, by the time any of us were thinking about cone nuts those hubs were already straight fucked.


100% true. Also, one of the primary attractions to riding a single speed or fixed gear is that I would lube the chain.when it got loud, change brake pads twice a winter, put a new chain on every spring and.check the wheel nuts occasionally to make sure they were tight enough. That was the attraction. This weekly fiddling stuff is for bored folks.


I know, mostly just being that “well achtually, technically speaking…” kinda bike jerk.

Got me thinking about these early Shimano bits I have. Some of the allen screws have a really large head, and take a much larger allen wrench that you would typically expect.

Apparently Shimano was trying to make it so a single 6mm allen could do most adjustments on their first 1982 Deore XT group. Canti boss screws, pads, the front derailleur band clamp screw, everything. Look at the cable pinch bolt on the front derailleur, and you can see how the tool size is proportionally larger than normal.


Shimano should make T-shirts because I’d wear one


Dang lookit that cool crankset. Im going to google about those details.



I got you bro:


tbh outside of work i only wear tank tops


I have like 281 Shimano t-shirts. They all smell like bike grease and are covered in stains from mineral oil. PM me.


Aren’t you like a size S? I’m more of a L these days





And then I made a sound like this


Lol seeing that rapha shit next to Apple products reveals how tacky rapha design is


My thoughts exactly.


Speaking of weird rapha products:


When did these become a thing?

Prior to two weeks ago i’d never seen one IRL and now I can’t go a day without seeing one


baader meinhof phenomenon?

I remember seeing kickstarter-y videos of those ~10 years ago; never realized they were actually being sold