Bike blerg thread

Did u see cannondale’s grav bikes will be 2x this year?! 50


Those have some interesting features I’d not have expected to see from Cannondale.

And okay sure, I like/love the idea of a dropper on bikes like this but uh, who’s making droppers with that little of travel? Gravity Dropper? Anyone else?

50mm travel lol.

I think I remember watching that some world cup xc people are using droppers with ~50mm travel cos lighter(?).

I don’t get it. Doesn’t seem like adding travel would change the weight much.

PNW offers a 27.2 post with ~80mm travel. External or internal routing. I have one, and have been meaning to install it on my Jones.

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you need double tube length for all added travel length so it checks out.

That’s great. I might put that on ze old Logan.

The only thing I don’t like about my giant tcx is the proprietary seatpost and the inability to use a dropper.

I know Tarck is into a lot of threads about the same thing, but do we need a third blog thread?


Tarck is about bike blog threads.

Every thing PNW sells is a rebranded TransX product. For a minute I thought the drop bar remote might be their idea, but it’s on the Cannondale too:

Though for the complete bike it kinda sucks that SRAM doesn’t make Apex 22 levers for them to just use the shift paddle for dropper actuation

The 105 version is real interesting for coming with 46/30 cranks and only being $1650

I almost bought a tcx at EP pricing and literally the only thing that stopped me was the proprietary seatpost. Fuck that noise.

Do they still have the proprietary fork thing happening? A friend had the aluminum one and loved it but wanted to upgrade the AL fork. After years of looking for something aftermarket that would fit, he gave up and bought a new bike. It was tapered, but weird. Like the lower steerer was 1 1/2 or something.

I had the lower level alu bike and it’s a standard steerer. The warranty higher alu frame and the carbon bikes have ‘overdrive 2’ which is just a 1 1/4 carbon steerer.

No >700mm mtb bars for Prison Island:
Giant/Liv recall!


lolol how many people are going to go in to complete that recall

Good ole as/nzs 1927 strikes again

Any other silly/entertaining rules listed in that standard?