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Though could be blood ala Tony martin


Oh damn didn’t even see that. I was also trying to figure out what was so special about that photo.

If it were a grand tour I’d say it’s definitely blood from some fucked up saddle sore, also those dudes aren’t pooping more than once a day given the diet. But on Paris Roubaix? That’s a toss up.


AFAIR He had a stomach virus that year.


[quote=JUGE FREDD]that’s fucking terrific — beat Surly at their own game

the smart spec on all the weird stuff needed makes it only a $700 premium over the frameset[/quote]
This isn’t entirely correct. This is a different frameset. It is not heat treated so it’s a bit heavier.
I am sure it still rides nice and if I sold 1-2 bikes I’d buy the bike


“Custom butted and heat treated 4130 Chromoly tubing”


“Custom butted and heat treated 4130 Chromoly tubing”[/quote]

He says in the accompanying youtube video that it isn’t heat treated so there’s some conflicting info out there

but yeah asides from not having wet brakes that thing kicks ass, and makes me wonder if he’s just trying to break even on this batch or if he could go even lower on prices if he was selling a fuckton of them

I can’t justify it until something catastrophic happens to my 29+ pugsley, which is like 75% the same bike/concept and I love it. Jones is a madman and I’m always pleasantly surprised to see what he does




I like






Hell yeah. I’d never come back inside.


Pitot tubes, the ultimate bicycle accessory



but I so would do it just to piss off the dork that rides the aero road bike in a not so aero position.


I made a device similar to the PowerPod for one of my classes. It kind of worked.


wasn’t there something like this like 10 yrs ago


1 star


this new thing needs a powermeter as well. that ibike thing is trying to extrapolate a lot of data from little.


Any 1x users noticed the jumps in gear ratios and bothered with them?
Interesting seeing the jump percentages between some 2X and 1X drivetrains:

Kinda want to try 1x on my next flatbar commuter project and feel it for myself.


Yes, when I have some money I’m going to buy those microgt 46-30 chainrings and go back to that setup with 11s 11-32 cassette. Now I have 40t front with 11-42. The jumps are kind of annoying, and the top end is too low for road use even for me. Although previously for years I was on 9s 11-32 and 10s 11-36 and the jumps are actually the same as the 11s 11-42, I just added more gears. But now with those chainrings there seems to be an affordable, viable option for subcompact 11s front shifting. I’m staying with 1x for mtb though, the jumps in gearing don’t seem nearly as annoying in that application