bike parts anonymous AKA: The new WTT thread, also pro tips on the length of time you should spend on the crapper

yesterday i was looking in one of my stash spots for some track grips. I knew I had some and I found a set in each of the three piles.
I recoiled in horror.
I thought I had this under control!
I said, whats the harm? They’re cheap,
and these might come in handy someday.

why do i have 5 sram 10speed cassettes? 20 or so black shifter hoods?

Hi, I’m White Folks and I’m a bike parts addict.

Hi, White Folks. Thanks for sharing.

20 black shifter hoods?

I did shit like that when I was employed. Find stuff on sale and buy, buy, buy. I guess that’s why I ended up with 70 pairs of shoes.

same way here. i have a bin filled with just grips and pegs.

I have purchased tools for shit I dont even have.

i jut went through my parts bins last night.

i have several different drivetrains, brakesets, wheels, forks, etc… feels good man.

I systematically comb through and get rid of stuff every couple of months. Keeps the desire for more bikes down, so i’m not like… why not build up a bike around this extra stem. Plus reduction of extra parts allows me to make my current bikes more baller.

I’m not that bad now, save for saddles. Aside from everything that’s currently in use, I have, just sitting around…

-Rolls Due
-Two or three Avocet touring saddles
-Old B17
-143mm Specialized Toupe
-Three old-school Flites (one unpadded, shell only)
-A whole bunch of WTB saddles, but I suppose those technically belong to my girlfriend
-Spare Turbomatic that needs reupholstering
-70s Unicanitor

… jeez.

I don’t even want to take an inventory… I just look at the wheels, tires, and fenders hanging above my bike shit pile and shake my head.

yesterday i was looking for this fender that i wanted to install. found it behind 4 sets of tires that should probably just be trashed and 3 wheels i’ll never use. then looking through a box that i chuck shit in that i plan on never using, looking for a bolt i could steal for said fender i found 3 sets of stem shifters… wtf?

As soon as I realize I have a bike’s worth of spare components I buy a cheap frame and one or two extra things on CL, build up the whole thing and sell it for profit. Happens 2-3 times a year.

Hi, my name is Heath and I’ve got a couple frames, a drivetrain, a bunch of wheels, rims I’ll never build, way too many hubs. In my mind, I have about a half dozen “builds” in progress. Not sure I’m even interested in riding the bikes I have.

One of my biggest problems is the which rim to which hub dilemma. I’ve got a set of OP to ultegra with a smashed front rim. Want to replace the smashed front rim with a stan’s tubeless (same spoke length), but then what do I do for a rear? I could buy an Ultegra hub, but an OP on Ultegra is the same cost. Then I pull the OP and put the stan’s on it and have the extra OP rim, which is what was smashed in the first place. Now what?!?

I have a similar problem with three rhyno lites, one of which is 36h along with a combo of disc and non-disc XT hubs.

welcome, all welcome.
the first step is admitting you are powerless over bike parts.

Fortunately my problem isn’t quite this bad. It’s more like I hate at least one specific thing about every single one of my bikes and I’m also trying to build a new one, and there are bikes I can’t sell because there is something wrong with them that needs fixing (which requires $) before they can be sold and only so much money to do it all with.

I’m not ready to admit I have a problem yet though. Everything I bought at the swap today has a specific application. :bear:

clearly you havent been reading your big book, seth

just admit that a power greater than yourself (a sweet NJS fixie perhaps) can restore you to sanity

[quote=white folks]welcome, all welcome.
the first step is admitting you are powerless over bike parts.[/quote]

I blame you for why I can’t throw bike parts away.

I have cleaned out some shifers I had in my possession for 4 years. One thing i could almost justify keeping.
But, too many random handlebars that aren’t going anywhere, a few saddles, and some wheels. I do haeve a problem, but I try to keep it under control. Try.

you know you got a problem when you have a spare rim for your spare wheelset, a wheelset you will likely never ride anywhere except the rollers

[quote=aerobear][quote=white folks]welcome, all welcome.
the first step is admitting you are powerless over bike parts.[/quote]

I blame you for why I can’t throw bike parts away.[/quote]

see step 8