bike parts anonymous AKA: The new WTT thread, also pro tips on the length of time you should spend on the crapper

This support group is relevant to my problems. Random shit from the parts bin: a couple framesets I need to sell, a fork I like but have no frame for it, a couple wheel sets, a drivetrain, countless tires, a crankset, headsets, handlebars, seatposts, shifters, saddles, several stems, chainrings, cogs, freewheels, derailleurs, fender set, brake levers, brake calipers, pedals…A lot of the shit doesn’t even seem worth shipping were I to go the eBay route.

My first step in recovery will be to give away the shit that’s not worth selling.

[quote=halbritt]Hi, my name is Heath and I’ve got a couple frames, a drivetrain, a bunch of wheels, rims I’ll never build, way too many hubs. In my mind, I have about a half dozen “builds” in progress. Not sure I’m even interested in riding the bikes I have.

One of my biggest problems is the which rim to which hub dilemma.[/quote]

Hi, my name is Jeff and I too have a problem with bike parts.

Probably the worst part is the six hours a day (mostly at work - since I’m self-employed this is a problem) scouring eBay for parts.

I have my ultimate stable in mind and upgrade the parts before I’ve even put the parts that are getting upgraded on a bike. Or I buy backup parts in case the parts I’ve not fitted yet somehow wear out. I only ever have one or two bikes working at any given time, and I am working on another seven. By “working on” I mostly mean looking for parts to complete them or upgrade etc.

Yeah, and I go through that hub/rim dilemma in my mind almost daily. It’s gotten to the point where I have more than a dozen sets of hubs and more than a dozen sets of rims not built up because I just can’t bring myself to make a final decision on what should go with what and on what bike. The worst part is for the past six months, in spite of having all these rims, hubs and spokes lying around, I’ve been commuting 30 miles a day on a wheel with an irreparable hop, cos I apparently need a different (?) rim for that particular bike.

Thanks to three big sell-offs (and a couple of visits to the dump) last year, most of the fixie gear and junk bikes are gone. So, at least I’m not as bad as I was.

when i moved out to denver i donated 2 boxes of parts to the co-op, gave away a bike and a wheel set…felt good man. since then…unfortunately, i’ve acquired too much crap, again.

I’m sorry what?

my parts bin in very shallow at the moment, and I would gladly take some of it off all of your hands/houses

enabling is not ok :confused:

I was talking to some people I know who had a booth at Bike Swap this morning. Apparently the majority of buying and selling takes place before the swap is even open to the public.

hahahaha… actually my parts bin is in storage. but I do have two bikes, two wheelsets, frok and stems laying around at my moms house.



woke up this morning.
in my bedroom:

there’s an hella awzum lugged road bike 3ft from my bed. two tubular tires on one of the bedposts. staggered chorus tubular wheelset leaning against the radiator.
groupset in a box on the floor. campag aero seatpost on the bedside table.
box of saddles under the bed

and there’s more in the basement.

but i’m working on clearing it out. try’na get rid of 3 or 4 bikes and 3 frames. just recently went through all the parts and made a big bin of stuff to take to the co-op.

see^ you got it bad man.

replace “bike part” with “empty booze bottle” and the picture becomes clearer.

I’ve always enforced a “no bike parts in the bedroom” rule.

Hi my name is David.

I have a box of about 20 RARS TEMS that I bought with the intention of flipping…A frame I can’t afford to build up, a sweet fixie with some expensive shit on it I might never build up, 4 extra rims (turp, I’ll send yours soon I PROMISE) some extra fixie hubs, saddles, chainrings, about 5 pairs of toshi singles and some cinelli 66’s no one in their right mind would ride. Oh and some tb14’s on the way…

wow. i feel like a pusher man. sorry guys.

Don’t apologize. We asked for a product and you made it from scratch.

Meh, I can give it up anytime. I just don’t want to right now…

Look at you guys! I’m not THAT bad…

i have a pile of shitty trainer tires that i brought home from working thinking i would wear through them this winter… i am still on the same tire.

I guess I have a lot of stuff. But most of it is junk that I can’t build a bike from. Never have tried to catalog it.

[quote=white folks]yesterday i was looking in one of my stash spots for some track grips. I knew I had some and I found a set in each of the three piles.
I recoiled in horror.
I thought I had this under control!
I said, whats the harm? They’re cheap,
and these might come in handy someday.

why do i have 5 sram 10speed cassettes? 20 or so black shifter hoods?

Hi, I’m White Folks and I’m a bike parts addict.[/quote]
Hey, any of those black hoods for SRAM? Cause I need one.