Bike Products Which Exist, But Which One Wishes Did Not


I wonder if King is going to take down his stupid white paper against integrated headsets.

Even the dipshit commenterati of Bike Rumor is turning on Chris King.

chrisking = integrated.

Claiming that the ceramic version will be more durable in wet and corrosive environments than their stainless bearings, the self-lubricating ceramic bearings should have a longer service life.

what? Won’t the ceramic bearings just explode super quick like all other ceramic bearings?

Prolly shilled Tired of having a saddle pack that sways from side to side or is increasingly saggy but don’t want to or can’t go to a full-on touring rack?

The Tailfin AeroPack is a product family of bike bags & racks that allow you to carry your gear in a totally new way.

Sweet axle mount racktop bag bro, and it even takes panniers!

The only thing I really don’t like about that is the price.

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Holy shit we’ve come full circle to trunk bags


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All the annoying parts of both bags with none of the positive aspects of either. Neat.

If my experience in “the bike industry” is any guide, someone who owns a LHT will buy the crabon bike rack because they want to save weight. Then they’ll run effectively solid-rubber marathons on shitty stock wheels and rave about how the all the ultegra they put on their bike saves x grams.

Edit: I forgot to mention they’ll have 80+ mm of spacers and two dozen appliances bolted to their handlebars.


There’s a geezer out there who has this very bike, with a power meter.

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So much preciousness going on I’m gonna squee.

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i’m so into that

That puts my Vaya to shame (well, almost).

/breathing intensifies

This. $289~$455 for a fucking trunk bag? PASS. It’s a good idea. It’s not THAT good of an idea.

I see this guy riding around chicago in flipflops from time to time.

Let’s all be real. Whoever rides that would love tarck in 2010.

This isn’t an outlandish product, but it is common and I do hate it: Triflow.

That shit sticks dirt on people’s drive trains like nothing else, it becomes the sort of metaphor for viscous black liquid you could imagine Daniel Day Lewis screaming about drinking stealthily with a long straw.

Truth. Your chain looks like a churro after 1-2 rides.

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