Bike shop owners/employees: What're the odds of leveraging your employment to pull off a QBP GB?

I’m thinking specifically of a Nitto GB, but if we could do something through QBP, I imagine we could open it up beyond just Nitto.

In any case, is there anyone here who would let us use their QBP account to coordinate a group buy? I’d be willing to handle all the logistics, and just send you a check and a completed order form. QBP ships to you, you ship to me, you’re done and all your expenses are covered.

Let’s discuss.

This would be EXCITING!

I would order the most absolute ridiculous shit if there was a “buy whatever you want” group buy.


not to shit on anyone’s toast, but undercutting every bike store dude out there would be a bit of a dick move

or would this be a legit group buy and not just going through the catalogue and picking stuff up for wholesale prices

Seriously. If I can’t afford LBS prices I go online or to eBay, I don’t ask my (or somebody elses) LBS to just let me order what I want at wholesale prices.

I also don’t really know the details of the terms QBP has for its dealers, but I’m sure if there are any this would violate them. QBP depends on the success of bike shops to keep moving product, I’m sure they don’t want to allow their customers to lose on business by shipping bogus orders.

Yeah… for real. Fuck this.

in for some cheap stuff

will lol again.

Easy, people.

Nitto referred me to EAI; we’ll see what they’ve got to say.

Isn’t capitalism wonderful?

EAI doesn’t do group buys.

Well I guess that settles that.

I love bonechilling’s sig

I guess I don’t even really understand how I would “leverage my employment” at a shop to try n’ finaggle a deal for my interweb buddies. I reacted to what seemed like a bogus scheme to get cheap stuff, but can you explain what you meant in the OP in more detail?

EDIT: There was more detail in the OP than I originally noticed. While it would undeniably be one sweet hookup, this is an idea that would both endanger any employee’s job security and compromise any owner’s credibility.

Elder, to be honest, I didn’t reallly think it through thoroughly. I found out QBP distributed Nitto; QBP wouldn’t sell to me; I wondered aloud (on this forum) if anyone could help. I’m not interested in taking food out of anyone’s mouth or whatever, I just want some handlebars.

Sounds like it’s moot at this point anyway.

Was just about to say that i’d be a bit pissed if they did, we nearly had to s their d to get our account set up when we first opened. I will offer helping out with a discounted order but I think most people into the group buy thing mostly are looking for wholesale(or as close as possible) which I certainly don’t give out unless you are s’ing my d.

It’s ok. You can say “sucking my dick”.

ITT Ian takes the food out of bike shop employees’ children’s mouths and inserts his d.