Bike Storage

This is sort of a pic request thread. I looked around and couldn’t find one.

How do you fit all your bikes in your tiny apartment? How do you fit your bikes in your tiny apartment cheaply?

Personally, I have really high ceilings and not very much wall space. Any pics of your DIY setups or products you’d recommend are greatly appreciated.

sorry for the formatting and the shitty pic

dat spacer stack

we call that going full rudy

Did you make or buy that? And nice spacers.

i made that

What type of wood is it?

it’s some leftover plywood, like 1.125" that i painted white and put some felt at the contact points.

Been pretty happy with this one. Obviously discard their mounting hardware, but that’s a negligible upgrade in terms of cost

Cross bike lives on that.
Njs lives on similar, but much nicer and custom to bike rack.
Road bike and sw8 fixxxay live on hooks from the ceiling and track bike sits in the corner cos frame set only

I used some ikea broder tension poles with shelf supports covered in pipe insulation.

I just lean them against the wall, lol, but I only have 4 bikes right now and if you overlap them it’s not bad.

VT’s setup is rad. I’ve been very impressed each time I’ve seen it.
I’ve got one of these:

I’ve stored 4 complete bikes on it, but that was pushing it. Usually it holds frames and a few completes sit on the floor in front.

To put it in perspective, I’ve usually got three completes and four frames in my 500sqft studio.

i have a small apartment with high ceilings, so i hung them on from the ceiling. at one point i think i had five, i only have one now so i hang it under my bed.

Screw 2x4 to wall, screw hooks into 2x4, voila:

I thought squishy bikes weren’t supposed to be stored like that.

Not for long stretches. But if it’s getting ridden once a week or so it’s fine

just hang it fork down.

Nashbar bike rack, with an extra set of shorter arms that I use to handle bikes with odd top tube angles. This thing is stable as hell.

I’ve had no problems with this guy.