brakeless bmx opinions?

i know the majority of people here favor braeks on fi[color=#000000]xi[/color]es and tarckbikes.

so how about brakeless bmx? jackass? no? only when you’re drunk?

fuck a poll, this is a discussion

in favor, helps me focus and makes me conscious of my speed. however, I can’t do any front wheel flatland stuff without one and if I ever ride trails again I’ll throw some on.

no brakes on the BMX for over 7 or 8 years now.
Some people can adapt really well, some people can’t, it’s up to you.
brakeless looks much cleaner too.

I don’t fuck with em, just a rear brake, no biggie. I’m not exactly pulling the sickest tailwhips that get stopped only because of my brake line. It’s not in the way for me.

I don’t really piss and moan about others not using brakes because the speeds (Check out pushrodbrick’s gearing) never get to a seriously high rate when you’re doing a sick sesh. It’s also usually in a semi controlled environment. I don’t think anyone is really commuting or riding on the road with their BMX bikes.

i agree with mr. bandit maybe if i was better and it was hindering something but my proline has had brakes for 11 years.

I rode BMX about six years ago. One of the first things I did to my bike was take the brakes off. It’s more fun that way. Back then not everyone was doing it either, so it made me feel cool.

when i rode bmx daily, i had them on, because i would go through shoes so often…

speaking of bmx’s anyone interested in an older sta 500 (00-01) and solid 3 pc bomb proof cranks? i need to sell it, but dont want to give to someone on craigslist, cause it’d go to some dumbass… (i know there’s a marketplace area!)

it’s got the whole gyro brake thing set-up

I would love to ride BMX and be good at it in any regard.

i took the decals off my heavy as shit haro f1 and now it looks awesome.

i’m riding it from the parking lot to school now. the tarckbike stays at home. unless i feel like taking the bus to school

yeah fuck riding a track bike who does that shit?!

rear. never could get super used to brakeless. plus it makes fuf’s and shit easier. i couldnt even try to imagine pulling that shit on a ledge without going strait to my ass

I’ve actually been surprised at the number of brakeless BMX bikes I’ve seen people just riding around since I first learned that some BMX-ers don’t use brakes. This is Santa Cruz, though, and Santa Cruz is the capitol of sketchy bikes. It’s a great combination of beach town, college town and town with a shit ton of crazy bums on crazy bikes.

i saw some dudes in austin hauling ass down some street downtown brakeless, and from a block away you can hear their shoes dragging the pavement. fuck that.

i’ve seen tehm kids in atx also

i used to ride my bmx bike with no brakes but this was in the late 80s

[quote=“dooktruck”]i’ve seen tehm kids in atx also

i used to ride my bmx bike with no brakes but this was in the late 80s[/quote]
What happened in the eighties, stays in the eighties.

Is there still that jackass riding a brakeless mtb around downtown?

i never liked brakeless. i always felt more secure having a brake, and more confident. street was ok with no brakes, but mini’s and banks were no fun for me no brakes.

do you guys ever get the zen riding bmx?

ughhh shut up

Can someone teach me how to ride a BMX bike?

k thanks.