[Build thread] Viggen's Starling Swoop - Custom-geo 160mm FS single pivot steel shredder.


[quote=turpencat]that one up thing looks awesome
but looks very intimidating to see if it works.
It does not for me because I have a carbon steerer on my gravel bike. And on my mountain bike I am fine with fanny pack.[/quote]
As long as you have a alu steerer and it’s long enough there is no reason not to put it on your bike! I’m probably putting it on both my mtb’s coz I sweat like a mf and the backpack free lyfe is so tempting.

Yeah im pretty stoked onn the simplicity and I’m confident that I’ll love the Swoop.

So I mentioned I would do a post on inspiration and that sort of thing. This is mostly on the visual stuff and there are two, almost one really, that inspired me. Rachel Walker from Hope’s Juliana Furtado!

And her old one:

Viggen:s build thread for that rad-ass steel fs enduro aka NüThread