Building my parents some bikes, what do you think of these frames/components

i’d be building two bikes, one for my mom, and one for my stepdad
they dont race, i figured these would be awesome bikes
they travel alot.

what do you think?

Surly Travelers Check
SRAM Rival compact crankset
SRAM Rival Shifters
SRAM 11-28 cassette
Shimano 105 FD (SRAM rival FD doesnt have 28.6mm size i guess?)
Shimano SPD pedals
Brooks B17 Standard
Thomson elite seatpost
Thomson X2 road stem
Nitto Noodle handlebar
handlebar shim 26.0 to 31.8mm
Nitto M12 front rack
Fizik Bar tape
Shimano 105 hubset
DT Swiss champion spokes
Mavic A719 rims
Vittoria Randonneur tires 700x35c

Get VO posts/stems.

^get dimension stems and get basically the same for cheaper

looks like overkill in most places, personally I’d go cheaper but if they want to spend $ then go for it.

+1 overkill. Find them some '80s touring bikes in good shape and be done with it, maybe with a bar-end shifter conversion.

VO post has extra setback for Brooks friendliness. Sure you could go cheaper with the stem but polished silver looks nice and more matchy match. Black parts will get scratched up if they’re packed a lot.

SRAM rival FD just comes with a shim which is why it doesnt come in 26.8… you could just buy a braze on and buy a clamp in the right size.

Where are they traveling to/from? That’s a lot of $$$ to lock up while you’re going into some restaurant in a third world country or a city with a questionable crime rate.

Especially if it’s a coupled frame.

Unless they aren’t gonna be locking them up anywhere, then go baller with your baller self.

I think Dimension makes a stem that’s identical to the VO stem. In any case, you’ll need a 26.0 stem which a Thomson X2 isn’t. Definitely a VO stem would be prettier. You’ll also want a VO seatpost as mentioned for the Brooks.

As Amy stated, Rival definitely comes with a shim.

Also, do they need/want brifters*? Bar-ends would work for this kind of build.


keep in mind QBP access (they help out one of the bike co-ops)
so the prices arent outrageous.

what company is VO?

[quote=hAtCHeTgREg420]keep in mind QBP access (they help out one of the bike co-ops)
so the prices arent outrageous.

what company is VO?[/quote]

Having qbp means you can get dimension stems for like $10. Greg, is that QBP open in Ogden yet? I would consider moving to slc/ogden if I could get a job there.

itt: ballerass parents

for real though, those are some nice bikes.

i don’t think i’d wanna ride 35c randonneurs, my understanding is that there is a world of better tires out there. but i’m completely talking out of my ass on that.

also, factor in the price of a travel case ($$$$).
and i’ve seen recommendations where they say it’s easier to take the cranks off, which is why i went square taper cranks with self-extracting bolts on my own bike.
take a long look at the front rack for packing reasons too.

[quote=halbritt]I think Dimension makes a stem that’s identical to the VO stem.


that’s what i’m saying. vo stem ain’t a bad stem, but it’s not worth what they charge for it when there’s a nearly identical one on the market. iirc, they’re not exactly the same, but not that many dollars worth of difference.

yeah, I think it’s open, I’m not sure what position you’d be going for, but it’d be worth it to send an email I’m sure.
but have you ever been to Ogden?

Commuting from SLC wouldn’t be horrible, especially if you took the train. But that’s a 2.5hr commute roundtrip… Driving wouldn’t be bad, since traffic goes the other way.
Just my thoughts.

i dont know anything about tires, what should i get if you guys think vittoria randonneurs are no good?
im looking for 32c or 35c

panaracer something or others

Or Marathons.