Buy an Entire Edgerunner


It’s a 24d purchased in 2015.
Full rails, Hooptie, v2 (?) bags, can throw in Yepp Maxi for a bit more $$$

Mech disc, 3x8 drivetrain, has a Shimano dyno hub and Hermann f / B&M rear lights. Extra long seatpost. Enormous saddle. fenders. Tires that are very flat resistant and feel very flat resistant.

it doesn’t have an electric motor, though you could probably add one. It also doesn’t have the HT rack mounts that later models got, which i regret not swinging for. You can still finagle a rack onto the front via the usual wizardry, though.

Basically this is a good kid hauler that can also handle groceries, but is not good if you regularly want to haul very large, long objects. Get a Bullitt in that case. I am happy to include my DIY megabasket setup for the rear: a cargo net and some patio furniture cushions.

I’ll need to give it a final once-over before sending it, and will document said review with photos prior to asking for your money. I’ve been slacking on doing this because my first potential buyer was local, but he bailed.

How much? I’d like 1200, you’ll need to pay for shipping. This is the price for forum regulars, yeah?

Bike blerg thread

Bump, and price reduction to $1000 for forum regulars.

To the many new parents on the forum: this is allllmost definitely your cheapest route to a full kidhauling setup.


Honestly a screaming deal.


It won’t be cheap to ship, but yeah, it’s a friend price / get this human powered land yacht out of my living room price.


Should I buy this so my wife and I can both ride around on human powered land yachts?
Would it fit a 5’2" person?


It’s the M/L size, so 5’2" is about as small as I’d go. The limiting factor is TT length, and there’s some room to go shorter with the stem. My kid’s mom rode this bike a few times, and at 5’4" she didn’t seem to have any problems.

If you all are staying in Chicago, I’d be less concerned about rider height, as your wife won’t have to be lumbering the thing up hills.




There’s only one big one, over by the old chocolate factory


Talked to my local cargo shop, shipping for this will be a bit north of $200, most likely. Not to push the sale too hard, but you’re really really not going to get a full kidhauler Edgerunner for this price anywhere else.


oh wow, totally forgot about that. Just reading it made me remember the smell

My commute was generally a mix of aromas from the Italian bakeries on Grand ave. followed by the Chocolate factory as I got closer to downtown.


I lived down by the Yards on the south end of Bridgeport back in the day, no chocolate, just rotting meat (?)


Okay, I’m going to keep bumping this thing at the same price for Tarck regulars.

Again, this is the cheapest you’re going to get a kidhauling setup, and also it would be really inconvenient for me to sell you a lemon, so shop with confidence.


I really want this, but have no kid, no garage, and currently living on the wrong coast…

3rd floor walkup with a tandem is already hard enough.