Buy Sheldons stuff...

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From: “John S. Allen”
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 14:04:43 -0500
Subject: [BayStateCycling] Sheldon Brown’s bicycles and components for sale –

Over the next few months, several of Sheldon Brown’s bicycles, and
numerous components, will be for sale on EBay and Craigslist. My son
Jacob and I are helping Harriet sell these items.

At this time, the first item, a Brooks Professional saddle, is for
sale on EBay. Bids have gone up to $57 so far; bidding closes at 5:17
PM EST Sunday, This item amounts to just dipping a toe into the
water – many more items will be for sale.

Search on to find these items (and to avoid
the many items of memorabilia related to

Generally, items of special interest, with a limited market but
likely to sell at a good price and/or easy to ship (e.g., customized
bicycles, 16-inch Greenspeed rear wheel, saddles, will go up on EBay,
and items of more general interest that will probably sell locally
(e.g., steel frames suitable to build up into fixed-gear bikes) on
Craigslist. Run-of-the-mill stuff that wouldn’t sell for much, but
can be used to build up usable bicycles, is being donated to Bikes Not Bombs.

If Interested, please keep checking at EBay and Craigslist! I’ll be
posting a message here occasionally as more items are posted.

John S. Allen

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this is real?

i got it off of phillyfixed.

i think it is.

An Ebay search doesn’t come up with anything.

I was at the shop the other day and we started wondering what would become of his collection.

Now we know.

sad news :frowning:
i wish sheldon lived forever
they should make a museum
or a church
with all this stuff

It would suck if his stuff got sold off to assholes and converted into FGG crap.
We should swoop in and buy it all and make a museum.

I’d donate to a museum.

+1 museum But how do we raise the $$$

I want sweet gear for mah fixeh.

Get somebody from Sheldon’s area to try to get a community development grant or something similar.

all that shit is prolly haunted.


All the more reason to buy.

It’d be pretty great to ride stuff that Sheldon used to ride…
I wonder if this stuff will sell for more than the regular price. I’d think so.

Also, it would be a shame if his more offbeat creations like the 63 speed bike of the double bar bike and shit like that got parted out and sold to 4892 different people.

Sheldon Brown Tarckbike group buy?

we should organize some sort of watchdog group.

assign certain people to check certain sites on certain days…like a neighborhood watch.

or maybe not.

[quote=“houdini logic”]
they should make a museum
or a church
with all this stuff[/quote]

This is a great idea…they really should do this for all the cyclist that ever looked at his site :colbert:

I hope someone has at least saved everything on the site. you know just incase it crashes or something?
Honestly, Sheldon got me riding tarck bikes instead of gaered bikes.