Celebrity poopbarn

Not that many really interesting rigs this year in the Tour divide line-up. Craploads of porky Cutthroats. Josh Ibbets bike stands out a bit. Looks quite aggressive. Very light set-up. That funky green mudgard is growing on me. More Aussie riders than I’ve noticed before. https://bikepacking.com/bikes/tour-divide-rigs-2019/

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I feel like we’ve discussed that funky green mudguard before. I believe it’s designed for/integrated with the pokes.

can we get rid of the crosscheck filter? I was blown away that someone could be foolish enough to race this on a crosscheck. Then I realized.


stoked to see how my friend Nico pulls this off on a single speed with very light baggage.

Same. Is Heath back in charge?

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I find it pretty neat how the actual winners/competitive folks in the previous few years have all been on not-cutthroats, supposedly the bike that is Designed For The Tour Divide

last year, lewis was on a giant xtc and bailey was on a woodsmoke; mike hall rode a pivot on his FKT; Lael is riding a Specialized hardtail

you sure see a lot of goddamn cutthroats even under non-racers tho, I counted 10 on our section ride last August


I do not understand the weird MTB-wannabe DT/HT/Pokes arch on the Cutthroats. What is the point of that geometry choice for a dropbar bike with non-boingy fork?

HY to the rider representing the Karate Monkey


It’s a suspension corrected frame/fork.


oh right, folks want options that they will never realize so they are willing to make all these geometry compromises for things they will never actually modify.


Because it’s just a short reach 29er hardtail and someone may want to put a 100mm fork on it?

Not that it’s a GOOD reason. But it’s a reason.

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It’s so you can run your Woodchippers with the ends pointed down and not break your wrists.

I can’t even find a photo of the Cutthroat with suspension other than a Lauf. Do those require a suspension corrected frame?

edit: Oh I guess they have a model that comes with the suspension: https://salsacycles.com/bikes/cutthroat/2019_cutthroat_apex_1_sus

My buddy Geof is single speeding too this year.

What’s strange is I understand why it’s probably a horrible decision but I think I would enjoy the ride so much more on a single speed.

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I accidently single-speeded once mid-poop-barn and I was surprised to only lose an hour on my buddies over 1 and a half days. Mostly because I got lost.

I’ve not listened to any of these yet but there are some new interviews with Lael Wilcox and Josh Kato. https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-hidden-athlete

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stoked to listen to those. the one with Lewis Ciddor from 2018 was really good

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Didn’t scroll through all of them, but I expected to see more pinion and hub gears.