cheap cromo cross frames: crosscheck, c'mute or ?????

looking into getting a cross biek with full fender/rack mounts and dt shifter bosses for commuting, grocery runs, the occasional dirt adventure and maybe to get my ass handed to me in a cross race. i’m looking for something cheap, <$400 frame, fork and shipping. i’ve been searching ebay and craigslist but i have had very poor luck with the used market because i need a 60cm with racks/fenders/dt shift. i know asking for dt shifter bosses on a new frame takes out like 99% of whats made in my price range, but the only way i can make a new bike happen right now is to use all of the parts that i already have.

i have not looked up shipping cost but i have found a crosscheck frame set for $350 and c’mute frame for $200. is there anything out there i may be missing in that price range? i can get the pake and a crabon fork for the same price as the surly, or just a cheaper fork and save some coin, unemployed so saving coin is great.

i know the surly is a great bike, but does anyone ride the pake? decent frame for actual cross abuse? leaning more towards the pake coz cheap and cool color.

if theres anything aluminum in this range, im open to that too but it needs to have all of the braze-ons and dt bosses.

old rockhopper. something like this:

won’t have DT stops, but you can run drops + bar end shifters. assuming you already have DT shifters, so you can get the JTEK adaptor piece; with the money you save over an xcheck, you still come out way ahead.

i’d think about it this way:
-100 to 150 for complete bike (keep cranks, brakes, derailleurs, headset)
-100 to 150 for modern freehub wheelset (you can find some pretty great deals on 26" non-disc stuff)
-100 to 150 for misc parts that you don’t already have (bar/stem/probably decent new tires)

i did something fairly similar recently and ended up with this:

(now has racks/fenders/slicks)

4130 frame, 9spd friction shifting, chris king rear hub, “deerhead” deore group, etc.

origin 8 cx700, is heavy, not sure if haz der. hanger

er, by jtek i mean jagwire.

Thanks for the input on the rockhopper but it meets none of my requirements other than being steel…
I have everything except for a frame, fork, headset, stem and cables to build a 700c commuter with racks and fenders so I’m only looking for a frameset that will allow me to use the parts I already have.

I had completely forgotten about that origin8 frame, looks like it goes for pretty cheap but the top tube is a bit short for me and I would really prefer regular dropouts since I will be running fenders. Still might be worth looking into though, a 58cm top tube would be pretty comfortable on longer rides.

Just realized the origin8 has no dt bosses.

Does anyone still make a clamp on mount for dt shifters?

Crosscheck is the preferred frame of Tarck, but I think that the C’Mute looks really sweet and could handle everything you wanted for well below your price range. Plus, removable stickers for exrta tarck bear placement.

leaning heavily towards the c’mute.

just need tarck stickars. who do i contact about that?

also noticed that the origin8 has no dt shifter bosses. that combined with the dropouts, a cm too small and ugly decals that are probably under the clear coat means no go on that one.

tarck stickers are rare as hen’s teeth.

You comin’ to brunch tomorrow? If so, I might give you some.

c’mute covered in tarck stickers has been done. GGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZ

i like your avatar shiny

I’ll probably be getting a crosscheck in the upcoming months to replace my broken conversion. Wish they were taller though.

[quote=Halbritt]tarck stickers are rare as hen’s teeth.

You comin’ to brunch tomorrow? If so, I might give you some.[/quote]

i always seem to be hung over, out of town or both when these things are happening… maybe next time i can rearrange my schedule if tarck stickers are involved.

so, unless someone has some personal expierence with the c’mute being a piece of shit or i find a cheap 60cm x-check im going for teh c’mute as soon as i strip down my steamroller and put it up for sale.

anyone interested in an older 59cm steamroller? 1" ht, non-s-bend seat stays, choice of forks.

pull the trigger on the c’mute; mega bang for your buck. Just finished building mine and I ruv it. Xpost from PYB thread

Have you taken it on any good rides yet? It looks real fun and a great bike esp. for the price. I really like that blue they picked too.

Haha thanks.

No worms on the bed!

thanks man. no real rides yet, just finished building today. I plan on putting mega miles on it though

anything in particular that you like or don’t like about the cmute? build quality, features, etc…

also, where did you get it and how much moneys?

I don’t have any qualms as of yet. Its kinda heavy, but there’s no reason to bitch about the weight of a frame that’s piss cheap

I got frame and fork for 260 shipped from Bikemania

OMG that is cheap.

thats where i was looking at getting it.

im having issues with their website, did you place your order online?