classy toasty bike build thread

Hopefully kopping this tomorrow:

This is how the previous owner had it set up:

And I want to do something at least partially similar – fendered, fixed randonneuring machine.

But… how classy?

Centerpulls or dual-pivot Tektros of the appropriate reach? My beloved SLR aero levers, or non-aero? Generic Nitto quill, or something more Claud Butler-esque? PB fenders, or something metally?


addendum: WHEELS! Which? No clue, other than gotta be fix-fix.

Campagnolo or Modolo single pivots

You ever try moustache bars? Would be good with non-aero levers. If m-bars ain’t for you try some rando drops.

Metal fenders.

I tried staches once… on a GTB. I didn’t like it, but that probably wasn’t a fair basis for judgment. But, I think I’ma stick to drops, perhaps a nice flared set.

I do already have some Noodles in my parts bin, though.

Also, why single pivots?

Fukka moustache bar for any real distance riding.

I would do fixed/free with the freewheel as bailout gear and so you can coast down long descents if you want to.
Maybe you could try some kinda dingle cog two chainring setup with a Dos ENO on the other side.

Metal fenders are prettier I guess but IDGAF. I’d just keep to silver parts and call it good.

tb-14s obvs.

i’d do all nitto matchy match.
vo fenders on a budget.
velocity a23s.
modern crank/levers cause full on retro makes me gag a little.

def these, unless you already have something awesome

why did that guy even bother putting those ‘fenders’ on?

Yeah I lol’ed at the “fenders” too. Maybe the front fender would keep the lower hs cup dry but that’s about it.

Maximum coverage to zen ratio. Zenders.

interested in this thread

IIRC those fenders were used to satisfy some race governing body’s requirement for fenders atmo.

So did you get it?

DQ- what is the frame?

Dude, it’s like 8am in Portland. He hasn’t even had his artisan flax seed donut and single source fair trade coffee yet.

tc: I don’t belong in this thread except maybe for educational purposes.

purple drank

Well put Petr5

Frame looks good toast, metal fenders and Center Pulls atmo.

Frame is a 1960s Olmo, which makes it about 20 years older than anything I’ve dealt with previously. I’m kinda excite. Gonna swing by with cash in hand (asking $160 for f/f/HS/bb, I’m hoping to maybe snag a free stem or brake levers at that price).

Yeah, I realized as I was in bed last night that TB-14s would be the obvious choice. High polish is a no-brainer, yeah (as opposed to hard ano)? I also pondered A-23s or the HED Belgium, but, as far as I can see in QBP, each of these are only available in black.

Hubs… generic Formula/IRO/whatever? Phils would be sweet, but definitely not worth the price increase.

Crankset… I’ll probably go with a decent-looking set of Suginos or Stronglights or some sort of classic but cheapish setup, from a co-op/used store around town. Like these, maybe? Or maybe something not obscure BCD (although same seller also has a couple chainring options).

Fenders – VOs are of respectable quality, right? Or, anyone have experience with the Electra brand stuff? Hammered or smooth?

Also tc: I think I’m the only 20something person in Portland who doesn’t have a crippling coffee addiction.

VO fenders are of good quality, I like em.

High Polish TB14’s

[quote=Petr5]Dude, it’s like 8am in Portland. He hasn’t even had his artisan flax seed donut and single source fair trade coffee yet.
the flax seed donut part is barely lol worthy (its a matter of time…)but the coffee part is serious. i drink single source fair trade every morning. fucka coffee blend unless it’s bespoke.