Clipless noobs

So, Stephe and I are working on a saddlebag with a quick-release fender that uses Look-type clipless pedals and cleats, and a few tarckers have sent us some old pedals for this (btw, you’re all getting your lock holsters/tool wallets soon, I’ve got to do a quantity run for them this weekend).

I’ve never rode clipless so I gave it a try using a matching pair I got, and borrowing my friend’s shoes. These cleats don’t appear to be marked as right or left, in fact they appear totally symmetrical. For some reason though I can only disengage by twisting my foot towards the frame, which is opposite what it’s supposed to right? I rode about 15 miles today, to work and back (and to CIA where I sponsored a sketch battle for the Industrial Design Society of America). I fell over HARD three times. :frowning: My knee, hand, and heel hurt really bad. Hand’s got a wicked bump on it.

Anyone got any good stories? I’m tired and want to laugh.

i went to a party last friday wearing converses with my clipless pedals, i knew it was a bad idea, not sure why I went along with it

Anyways, on the way back, kinda drunk, hit a pothole, slid, giant road rash on my arm and legs

Also, today, there was this strip of sand on the grass i was riding for fun, and i thought I could just ride over it… nope, flipped over

the first day I got my clipless I got home and was tired and I forgot how to unclip and fell over in my garage.


drunk more beer, feel beter

also atmo clipless gives you all of it

so much power!

the two times i fell it was in front of my wife. trackstanding? no problem. wife riding her bike? i fall over.

[quote=blickblocks]also atmo clipless gives you all of it

so much power![/quote]
are you using actual shoes now?

[quote=Cliffbear][quote=blickblocks]also atmo clipless gives you all of it

so much power![/quote]
are you using actual shoes now?[/quote]



AFAIK, almost all pedal systems will disengage if you twist far enough in either direction. In some cases (like Time atac), switching the cleats from right to left will affect the angle of release.

In other clipless news, for the first time ever, I forgot to change my shoes before I left work tonight. I got out the door, made sure it was locked and went to put my foot on the pedal and [2 second pause] fuuuuuuuuu…

They are probably marked, but either worn off, or simply some non-distinguishable mark. For example, the crank brother’s eggbeater cleats simply have a dot molded into one of them to differentiate between L and R.

If you go out again, swap the cleats between shoes so your “towards the frame” becomes away from the frame and maybe you’ll fall less. (I hope… I don’t know Look stuff at all)

hmmm… good stories. THe only times I’ve fallen were track standing or going rediculously slow, so I fell over into a push-up trying to keep my bars and seat from hitting the ground. Hurts mah hands, but my bike thanks me.

Ok, that wasn’t a good story. back to bed.

look style cleats are symmetrical … as far as I know most road cleats are. looks definitely are. they will disengage left or right.

fell over within the first 20 seconds of an alleycat race, in the middle of the pack. we pretty much hit a light as soon as the race started and i couldn’t unclip because we had to run through a muddy field to get our bikes, and my ultegra cleats got all gunked up. that shit was embarrassing.

this was when not a clipless noob a few years ago
riding up to bar on a borrowed bike with looks
went to unclip realized it was gonna happen just fell right over
in front of the entire patio of drinkers
then unclipped got up
when i went to get a beer the bartender goes hey i saw you fall over out there
i was like oh yeah thats how i always get off the bike easier that way

did u get a free beer?

Oddly enough, I never had too much trouble getting out of clipless pedals. Meanwhile, first time I was riding around with clips and straps, I cinched them down pretty night so I could get that solid feel with them. And as I came near the campus building where I was going to get off the bike, I rode near a hedge of bushes. 0mph, shake, fall right into the hedges.

For clipless, I was always impressed by how they managed to always unclip when I crashed. Endo on the mtb, and the bike ends up 10 feet from me. Get hit by a car, feet no longer connected to pedals. It’s magic.

i tipped over two weeks ago on an emergency stop and forgot to clip out. there was a group of about 15 freds on the sidewalk. had to htfu and get outta there quick.

A couple years ago, I was riding the Milwaukee-Elston loop. I was trackstanding at a light chatting with some commuter dude with an electric powered bike when I was hit by and enormous gust of wind and literally blown over.

The other day I was riding my xtracycle on Broadway and was stopped at a light. At the corner opposite there was a dude in full kit on a brand new blue and white carbon Pinarello with a belly like he had just bought this bike as a midlife crisis. The light turned green and he looked at me self consiously as we both started gooing on our respective directions and as he went to clip his foot in, he half-missed the pedal and almost tipped over.

OT: Last year I sprained my left ankle and couldn’t unclip regularly because it would put too much strain on my ankle, i then accidentally discovered that I could unclip the other way, (twisting right for left leg) so long as you time it so you don’t twist into rear spoks.

Now I always unclip opposite way because of said ankle…


I once tried to take a very muddy shortcut across the UCSC campus on my road bike, clipped in. Front wheel slid, hit a big ol’ root, sent me and my bike into a front flip with me still attached. Landed on my shoulder/side in mud, embarassed, but fine.