Also: It’ll be good to have another tarcker in the area.


Just got home from riding the Gravelanche. There’s some cool stuff up there. Too many tri-dorks for my taste though.[/quote]

they come out in droves on the weekends. saw so many tri bikes weaving around the shoulder on 36 today. its not faster if you ride 30% further due to being unable to ride in anything that resembles a straight line…


Just got home from riding the Gravelanche. There’s some cool stuff up there. Too many tri-dorks for my taste though.[/quote]

You just gotta learn where they do not congregate. But yesterday was an exception for sure, we had secret groad yesterday and the amount of large group rides and over serious roadie bros we encountered was too damn high.


what is a secret groad?


sort of an alley cat-ish race but connecting as much dirt as possible. No route, just points and you make your own way. It was rowdy as all hell and just down right fun on bicycles.


Oh nice.

The gravelanche we did was full of, dare I say, somewhat stuck-up over serious roadie bros. There were certainly people who didn’t meet that criteria, but the whole thing left me pretty underwhelmed.

I’d come up to Boulder more often if I knew where the dirtbag shit was. Dirtbags, these lads and lasses were not.


Yeah I think everything up here has some sprinkling of that crew, and even the type of folks who like doing dirt bag shit but still take it too seriously.

Working for Rapha I get the full brunt of that world most of the time, but it makes finding those types of things all that much more important. Plus our core crew of people in the clubhouse really are rad as hell and down to earth 90% of the time. We are trying to branch out and do more ride/events that appeal to us and step away from that “Discerning” crowd; things like sub 24 overnighters, bringing back the gentleman’s rides, Morning coffee rides, explore series rides where we string together as much french lines as possible, and just really making it more about the social and fun rides than about “training”. Yes it is Rapha and it always has that undertone but there is a huge push to just have more fun within the whole company which is radical.

Ill keep you posted about some of the more fun stuff coming up as we pick dates and whatnot.


Up in this direction:

Winter Ralleyes:

March 24: Weld County Waltz ~75 miles of gravel in the plains

April 21 & 22: Prairie Fireball Overnighter s24o either up at Prairie Divide (Red Feather Lakes) or Pawnee Grasslands depending on weather


May 19: FoCo 102: The Saddle Sore War try to ride more or less every trail in FoCo in day. 102 miles over 5 loops, 14.5K feet of climbing. .

Not Colorado but close enough of a drive:

May 19: Robidoux Quick and Dirty 75 mile gravel ride/race around the Scottsbluff National Monument


Fireball is what like 60 miles?


40-60 most likely.


This Saturday the 24th: Penultimate Winter Ralleye - Weld County Waltz

route here

80 miles in the plains, run tubeless or sealant!

Meet at Bean Cycle in downtown FoCo at 7:30, roll at 8. Or meet me in Windsor and intersect the ride ~ 15 miles in.


Yo Doc, what’s the deal this weekend? Looks like snow. I wanna camp but we probably won’t be making it up if it’s going to be a wet sloppy mess.


Hard to say, if the snow does happen then Plan B is to camp in the Pawnee Grasslands, but that could end up really muddy if there’s enough rain and Saturday doesn’t look warm enough to dry it out significantly.

I was sick all last week so I’m not sure I’d be going anyway.


friggin frig, man.


xposting here in case there’s some interest (I’m not shipping these but I’d meet up in Boulder or Denver)

His and Hers STARCK vintage Swedish bikes

The ladies frame is complete, mens is disassembled. These have tons of great little details but really need to go to a bike nerd since there’s some non-standard stuff. I was hoping for $150 or trade for some XT 8000 parts in case a shop wants them for window dressing. Brooks isn’t included but it’s negotiable.

See my insta (drwelby) for more pics


Weather seems to be looking better and the group seems to want to go big, going over Pennock and maybe up Manhatten to Red Feather. So could be 60-85 miles, and lots of climbing. Could also be a little snow on the ground going over the pass. Sounds like the BOOTLEGGER (see latest Buycycling magazine) will be making an appearance.

I don’t have it in me so I’ll be up at Glendo car camping and riding trails.


Yeah man I don’t think we are gonna make it. I could probably bring myself to push 60+ miles uphill loaded, but nobody in the Denver group seems too interested in that.

Next time!


sup Colorado I’m all moved in
let’s go for a ride, my bikes will be here this week hopefully
DQ how miserable will I be bikepacking 3 or 4 days of the CT on a rigid canti-braked 26" 90s MTB
ok with type 2 fun, trying to avoid type 3


also does anybody know anybody with a TIG welder


um, what sections of the CO trail did you have in mind?
there’s some pretty brutal climbs on that and the majority of it is over 10k ft, so there’s some steep shit. id be somewhat worried about descending on a loaded bike with cantis…
i havent ridden much of the first sections that start out of denver, but i think the first 3 segments are a bit more moderate?