Comparing this U-lock to that U-Lock

wondering… :bear:
i need a ulock, a mini one. AND… i’m looking to not spend 60 at my LBS for a krypto evo mini.

So I want something cheap, but still does the job. basically the question is this … onguard bulldog mini VS. kryptonite evo mini.
I read all the threads on BFSSFG, and hear not-so-bad things about the onguard.

The main attraction is the price, because : ... 1285/18970

30 bucks shipped, plus a cable thrown in.

Someone tell me to buy that mini bulldog ^^, and that the kryptonite evo mini is not with the extra 25 bucks. ... rrency=USD

I have a bulldog mini and it’s fine. the only trouble i’ve had is the little yellow rubber things would get in the way of the holes for the lock, and ones gotten ripped enough that it just came off. but besides those it’s good.

evo mini fucking rules.

love my evo.
60bux is way cheeper than a new bike.

Kryptonite is the way to go.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]
60bux is way cheeper than a new bike.[/quote]

that’s exactly it, says :bear:
I’m looking for a definite reason to chose the kryptonite mini over the bulldog mini. for example, the extra money is it really worth the extra security? is there even more security with the evo mini as opposed to the onguard mini?

a u lock is still a u lock, correct? a thief will have to use the same procedure on either one, or am i wrong?

thanks for the help, by the way, and the quick responses.

Kripto is better because neon orange is better than bland yellow.

I’ve had both and Bulldog’s the way to go.

honestly, i think most of what you pay for in a kryptonite is the name. the bulldog mini has a $2,000 warranty and is 1/2 the price.

^So true it’s worth joining this forum for.


Also, do we still do that?

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i really love my bulldog. but the orange is hip

I have a Bulldog. My bike as not been stolen in the 2 years I’ve been using it. But there were no attempts on it so I don’t know if this means it’s good or not.

Maybe there’s a bike theft forum out there. We can ask the same question. Most popular lock is the one to avoid.

fuck the orange. my orange sheath got ripped off when it slid across concrete after a car hit me. i like it much more without it.

Evo Mini for $49. Not $35, but still not $60.

Same here. I researched this when I bought the lock, and the few tests that I saw actually rated the Bulldog higher than the Evo (as in it buys you seven more seconds against an angle grinder). I think the Evo’s popularity can be attributed almost entirely to Kryptonite’s marketing, because I fail to see how it’s any better than the competitors.

i took the yellow things off my bulldog

murdahd owt

Awesome first hand info, stuff i couldn’t dream to get over at BF. Thanks alot, even for the links…I was just browsing over that auction earlier.

There are still alot of mixed responses, which I didn’t really expect. As of now, I will probably get the OnGuard due to the last few posts. Please keep sharing your experiences.

Also, what did you do as far as removing the metal piece on one side, or taking off the rubber caps on the bottom?

both will slide off with your fingers

Against an angle grinder any lock is prety much done for.
A lock is just a deterent.