Council of doom


Don’t waste your time unless you like watching dudes with 650 fronts fall a lot.

At least there is a keg here.

but… but… the OC!

falling a lot actually sounds more entertaining than the norm

for real, i’ll watch oc rzst kids nut themselves all day long.

I looked up this shit on youtube. The first thing that came up was a skinny hipster falling over while doing backwards circles, then throwing his bike across the parking lot in a hissy fit. I think I’ll pass.

Sounds good. Is there any way I can pay $50 for a deluxe edition of this?

bluray maca

i’m not gonna lie i’ll buy it

That played at a bar here Cleveland and the only thing cool was that all the Cleveland bike people came and I got to see them. The movie…was kinda uninteresting. Then again, most fixed gear videos are.



first 20 seconds

nice! haha

Watching people ride bikes is pretty boring to me unless they’re racing.
Trix annoy me and if I wanted to watch bikes being ridden around the city, I’d just go out and ride my bike.

39-45 seconds is the best, sick grass skidz brah, and the guy riding down the stairs backwards then hopping. sweet dude.

yeah it was pretty unimpressive
i liked the music, mostly because i knew most of it (i know all the words to that dead prez song)
but it was super short and was mostly just guys doing barspins and falling over
and there were some pretty jackass bike setups
one guy looked like he’d chopped pursuit bars so they didn’t have the upward curves at the ends
and was riding brakeless and i think without root retention

afterward there were people doing tricks outside. i tried to do a leg through frame leg over skid but i wasn’t going fast enough so i skidded about a foot and fell over.
it was cool meeting room203 and dave coulier, and 203 gave me some stickers

oh and the crew and i ended up riding all the way back to UTD from deep ellum, we took a circuitous route and it was probably like 20 miles. fun stuff.

this videos are soo boring . How many videos can really be made on this ? I get it , you can skid your back wheel, and go fast down a hill… So can I …

Sound you’re ridiculous man. Aka you rule.

If things go as planned I’m waking up with this bartender girl


first 20 seconds[/quote]

That was less than amazing.

Yeah I’m not really a huge fan of all these biking videos. I have to agree with Rusty Piston on this one, people riding bikes is pretty boring to watch in video format unless it’s racing.

I like watching the fixed gear freestyle videos to see the progression of the tricks they are doing but IMO they haven’t figured out how to do anything very cool yet. I generally don’t like watching bike racing or any other sport.

I’ll wait until there’s a torrent and download it.