Craigslist/ebay/etc finds


I’m not really looking for anything. My stable is pretty full of partially finished bikes. I just get excited about complete bikes because that’s about the only way I ever get anything rideable. Projects tend to stay projects around my place.


talk me out of this.


the bike I least regret selling was my nishiki pursuit bike

and that’s worse


you should definitely buy that.


It’d be the official sw8est fixxie of bay area tarck!


do you need a weird bike to hang up in your house? if so, buy it. If you want to ride it around and do sick skids and whatever, then god has left this place and I have no further advice.


If you don’t buy that I will.


go for it


Have you seen @Straws’seses Geekhouse?


I didn’t get a chance to buy it, my back shit the bed so I couldn’t make it up to the Haight. Probably for the best.


lol it’s down to a hundred now


I thought you did.

Bummer, that’s probably the coolest track bike out there.


how likely is this to be stolen?
i am tempted to buy and then flip on ebay
or just keep it because it looks sick


Probably not a ton since they mentioned the chainring. I’d keep it personally.


yeah i thought the chainring and dropper mention means not stolen
but why is it so cheap then


Because used mountain bikes retain no value?


Holy shit that is cheap.
used mtbs that are that pricey new (last year) definitely hold more value than that. The fox36 used is at least half that.


99% sure that’s a total scam, someone who is willing to take a $7k hit on a bike over one year would have a better camera phone than that.

also, not a thomson dropper


He never responded anyways so it’s not relevant. But I was so curious.


Whoa this thing is super cool. Somebody small ought to