Craigslist/ebay/etc finds


I think I just peed a little

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OMG that looks like a shockbone, or whatever it was called, that a company I used to work at made back in the mid-90s. It was a molded composite thing with high density expanding foam inside to provide compaction for the carbon fibers.

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he does have a rather impressive collection of brake boosters tho

It’s an impressive collection of a lot of stuff.

The shockbone thing was a replacement for the stock bridge. I had one on my Judy XC at the time only because I found a useable one in the rejects pile. A little bit of foam blow-thru at an inconspicuous area was fixed with some black tinted epoxy.

I don’t get trying to unload 6 mint Paul derailleurs to randos walking up his driveway with cash in Missouri?

just opened it on the desktop - Precision and another I can’t Id no Paul - still really cool. look like Kooka cranks but the logos are wrong- they got sold late maybe the logo changed at the end? still alot of cool bits.

onza cantis!


Tbh I want that magic moto crank



You know Jake that used to work at Ride Brooklyn? I’m about to send this to him.

Used to spend time and $ in the shop but didn’t know anyone by name. Actual mtbers in a city store was nice to have around