Craigslist/ebay/etc finds

my low trail Lefty Olaf also uses its own boosted hub standard, different from all their other forks


In true Cannondale fashion

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I bought a Lefty 2.0 truing stand adaptor, and a Lefty 73 adaptor for that

Did you mess with the axle connection area to make it low trail?

Cannondale did, the Lefty Olaf is from their FatCAAD hardtail fatbike

It is 60mm offset from the factory, and I think they accomplished that all from the crown spacing which is also wider

I think the only difference on the moving stanchion/axle part is that the axle stub is longer

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I thought the Olaf was pretty great riding on single track. Stoked to see it get a weird new life that only Fred could give it.

I’m the most lefty curious I’ve ever been right now

Got that campgranola

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