Craigslist/ebay/etc finds


Ooh, that’s nice and it’s basically my ideal geometry. (But, no, I’m not going to buy it)


Is it bad that I recognize that wall and photo style and knew before I clicked that the bike was overseas?

Seller often has some cool stuff, but just shy of making me want to pay for shipping here.


50cm disc bike cheeeap


@scheezler don’t know if scam or stolen or what


I am an XL :disappointed:

I saw some crappy internet brand of bikes that had a hybrid with Shimano hydros for $199 for black Friday and tought of you, biek. It was advertisement in social media feed and I can’t find it anymore. Started with A but not Aventon.


colorado peeps: 60ish cm landshark with taf paintjob for $275


local pickup in NYC.


For those with 5 arm 110 bcd nerdcranks, there is an ebay seller clearing what look like PMP middle mtb chainrings in 42 to 36 teeth. Lurid colours but low dollars. Searching for PMP in bikes category should get you there, they have lots of other nos PMP stuff listed.


low trail Masi Rando 53cm
$275 shipped!topic/650b/uLRHA1a7KfU

too bad its so small, this would have been great for my project


Dang, that’s my size. What the word on the Masi Rando vs. production NFEs wrt turdly buttways?


I think this older version had fairly turdly butts. Newer 3 versions seem to lean lean


according to dude at masi- 8/5/8 tt 9/6/9 dt


isn’t this that dude/former tarcker guysshoe / gwesho’s old frame?

edit: yep:


Dude is dreaming with that price.


but you could get $10 off
ebay+mastercrad free money collabo:


Want this but cannot have.


Thankfully too small for me. And 130 rear (damn felt breed was 135 so I have wheels for that).


any frame is 135 if you push that wheel in hard enough!


needs dick tabs amirite


That’s a fucking steal for that price.