Craigslist/ebay/etc finds


Bet that planes like a motherfucker

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Pink ano mtb by ftw

Black endpoint cg fork, rack, and bag for $100.


Lol Facebook says 32 views and the link above says 31 clicks.

Yeah fuck that guy
I was like “yes I’ll take it, what’s your PayPal address”
Replies with his PayPal address and tells me it’s sold 20 min later. I’ve been checking every 30 minutes since I woke up after I replied last night
Like there is no other way I could have told him I was more interested

Fuck facebook I’m done with that shit

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So you paid them and then they turned around and sold it to someone else? (Or “sold” it to someone else.) I’m sure your credit card company (and maybe paypal) will be veeery interested in this.

No, like I sent him a message right when I saw the post 2 days ago. And I replied to his dm <30min after he posted his PayPal info fuck that guy

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Someone here should buy this absolute noodlebike so that I don’t buy it.

Because I will if you don’t. And that’s a problem.

Coupler Fuji 52cm for cheapo

@Orc didn’t you say you were looking for a set to melt out of a frame?

I was, but I’ve already got a line on one in Seattle that all I need to do is figure out how to get it into my hands.

Tempting, but I’d never actually ride it.

From experience, that era geometry sucks with drop bars.

They would be the first thing to go. I’d put risers or bull moose or alt bars and a basket on that thing.


This Serotta has been on CL for ever. If one of you Seattle folks can facilitate I will 650b it.

That’s up by where I work. Pm if serious.

There’s a fuckin J.P. Weigle on Chicago CL!


Those big white Look pedals are bringing back memories here