Craigslist/ebay/etc finds


oh boy finally my investment into tarck pays off


“the oil that creeps”


lemme just send you the surplus from the last run, there’s probably enough


Tempted to get this just for kicks


There’s an XL Stag on 650b!topic/650b/oLHaNvJRKEU







How did that end up in Goldendale?


When the hell did we get those caps made?! Is that the infamous head-crushing small cap?


No, #tinyhatgate was Swrve. Those were made later (around the time of the kit?)


The bill on that cap is huge.


Huge bill, really bad stitching. Is that some sort of factory second that they (or a former employer) are trying to sell off?

I have one of those exact caps and it is much better built.

That ebay seller has lots of clothes that look like they scour thrift shops and then re-sell. No other cycling caps listed.




Brendall lived in goldendale for years.


Folding MTB!




Always wanted to 650b townie one of those


Yeah it looks like doody but never seen a folding mtb before.


There’s some dude who is a regular here who has slowly turned his $200 Montague folding hybrid into a DuraAce Di2 monstrosity, against the best advice of everyone here. The last time he was in, we built him DT 240 hubs to HED Belgium rims.


Oh fuc would that bike I want to see it