Crust lightning bolt fork and rack

See the background info

Fork from my cracked Lightning Bolt frame. Includes the mini porteur rack that pretty much only fits this fork as the mid fork eyelets don’t follow the usual spacing.

Other details
12mm thru axle.
A little less than 270mm steerer tube, see pics.

Thinking $100 and then figure out shipping?


That’s a 1” steerer right?

What’s the A-C?

Also what’s up long time no see
Are you going to show up to rando events this year?

It’s 1 1/8, first generation before they went to 1". Axle to crown is 380mm I believe, real world you can stuff a 48mm tire with fenders…sorta… it’s tight.

I’ll rando again some day. Spending less time online these days, I’m happier for it.

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