Cutter sucks

if bonktown and chainlove could get rid of all the ‘Cutter’ bullshit merch, that’d be great. Stupid ass brand

cutter understands your off-the-hook urban lifestyle needs

shirts are gay

i’d totally buy that if the zipper weren’t neon. Was considering buying it and sharpieing the damn zipper!

Cutter must be the Backcountry/Bonktown house brand or something. I’ve never seen or heard of it it anywhere else.

Hello, 1996.

i bought Cutter socks from bonk, they’re perfectly fine. except for the obnoxious neon green part.

its like Origin8 on ecstasy yo!

2nd worst brand

this is my favorite review of a cutter product-

‘This seat has the quality of many higher end seats. Surprisingly comfortable and light. The only thing I don’t like is the stupid alien cutter logo. I feel like an 8th grader wearing Jnco jeans, a chain wallet, and an ICP T-Shirt when I ride my bike with this seat.’

^^ LOL

I heart my cutter bike socks and I’ve got that jersey too. Both are excellent minus the neon green. Seriously, if you’re going to pick a color to go on most of your products why neon green?


i almost bought that jersey. and i love my origin8 stem

dat stem is pretty atmo

It’s a terrible name, but I think that Origin8 makes a lot of decent-to-good stuff. Most of it is the same basic stuff that’s sold as Dimension, Velo-Orange, Soma, and a zillion other house brands, none of which anyone blinks an eye at.

And their new chainrings look great.

they just give off the trixie vibe a little strong. everything anodized in 6 vomit-inducing colors, track grips for people who will never see a velodrome in their lives, etc. nothing outrageous, just the whole package is a little blerg.

it is the house brand.
i remember when we released it, everyone was stoked
idk how everyone feels about it now, seeing as how i dont work there anymore

theyre innertubes are good and cheap

I just hate Origin8’s giant ugly logo. Rebrand, motherfuckers!

Also, the Origin8 Del Pasado is one of the ugliest frames ever.

Also, I bought one of those Cutter jerseys from Bonktown. Don’t care about the zipper, just gonna wear it under shit.