D2R2 North East Tarck Round Up!



Very popular event. I’ll bet is going to sell out this year

that sounds fucking amazing.

One of the high points in my cycling life was last year at the orchard check point at the top of a long, long exposed no shade kind of climb. The owners of the orchard ran the stop and provided crates of fresh apricots, golden plums, peaches and apples. At that moment it was the best food ever!

Sounds rad! Somebody should do it and then post pics & ride reports for the rest of us to enjoy.

Do want!

Damn, that does sound awesome. Wish it was a little closer…

that sounds insanely fun. i’d have to fly + bike up to mass, but if possible I’d love to do it.

This is where I live. They are some great roads and D2R2 people are a lot of fun. The 100 mile route would be an ass kicker.

probably in for this.

in. was just talking about this yesterday.

also: tom, are you doing the 60 or 100?

ray suggested the 60

I’ve done the 60 and for me, its still on this side of fun. The 100 would be another realm of pain, one I’m not willing to visit without more training then I think I have time or motivation for.

Still time to change my mind though, we’ll see how I feel later in the season.

I see lots of dirt road training rides coming up in and around Wilton NH and the Whites.

i just did a 90 mile MTB race off the couch (well 87 miles technically) so I am considering doing a 100 mi route.

18,000’ of steep dirt road climbs… Hmmmmmm.
I should do it.

need to lose twenty pounds…

pass the cupcakes nom nom nom…

“The D2R2 100-mile is another beast. It rides like 180 miles. If you’re not doing 8-hour training rides with at least 10,000 feet of climbing on steep grades, then you will not be prepared for the 100-mile event. And no matter what your fitness is, this course will get the better of you. This is not to say that you need to be a European pro to complete D2R2’s long course. Just don’t underestimate the difficulties thinking that RUSA is a bunch of tourists on funky old French bikes. This is an ELITE course. “Elite” does not mean “I have a USCF license” or “I ride a century each summer weekend.” “Elite” means that a professional racer or seasoned ultradistance rider can handle the course reasonably well if their conditioning is near peak and they pace themselves well. Note that the course record - set by a Cat. 1 roadie on a cool, overcast day - is 14 mph (8-1/4 hours). Don’t tell your spouse that you’re going to ride 7 hours and be home in time for dinner, because you will get yourself in trouble.”


doesnt sound like me

man that sounds like a great time, yet sort of scary. maybe up for the 60.

i’ll be there.

I’m down for the 180k.