Dammit: Post your bike

Stopped at my new favorite spot again.

I have a yellow helmet and yellow shoes. If I get yellow gloves, pedals and bottle cage, I’ll be approaching Squirrel levels of matchymatch.
Edit: guess I’d need to replace the spacers and saddle. And swap stem bags for my blue one. And loose the RaceFace sticker. And maybe yellow grips. And maybe yellow brake housing/hose.
Editedit: now I’m getting anxious. this matchy game is too stressful for me!


Anxious…or just excited for the possibilities?


i have no doubt that its going to get dirty and you can feel better
some horrifying spraypaint on the lid will go a long way though

The lid is cracked and I bought a can of flex seal in an attempt to fix it. Duct tape was a fail.

Been so jazzed on riding the Bridgestone and Rock Lobster, this one sat unridden for a couple months. Took it on a cutty singletrack/dirt within LA last night and had so much fun on it