Dammit: Post your bike

Speaking of old bikes, I lent this to a friend like 8 years ago and was kind of hoping that he “forgot” to return it to me but nope, it came back yesterday looking like this…seems fine, he apparently put a bouncy stem on it and I know he did something to the old fork so it’s got a Wound Up on it (I think…do they still exist?)

If anyone knows someone who would like this fine bike let me know.

Edit: I haven’t measured it but it is most likely a 58 and I am serious I want it gone for cheap


is that actually a spiral shaped tube or a wild paint job? what is that thing

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That is a spiral downtube made of titanium my friend


It’s a Lynskey. The “helix” thing is their schtick.

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They do still exist, just down the street from the backcountry.com / Competitive Cyclist warehouse / retail store here in town.


im a curious party if that gets let go

Absolutely but I need someone to pick it up and deal with the shipping

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im probably out then!

is it a stock geo or a custom jobber?

The frame is 100% stock.

There are lots of Tarckers around here who may be willing to assist in the acquisition of this fine bicycle. I just don’t have time to fuck with shipping right now.

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Hi Tarck, I have missed you while having a nice poopbarn on the great divide.


Further proof that my bike parts are better off in other hands.


Hope it’s going good!

Found a good wall, also threw a set of Jan’s knobbies on. They ride pretty nice


This 100 pound monster is my daily rider now that I’m on drop off duty. Will my legs get swole or will I just keep puttering around at 11mph forever?




It doesn’t get easier, you just get faster

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No, it does get easier but I’m still slow.

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what’s that fork? what is the clearance like?

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@Orc made it. I think it could clear a 32 with the right caliper.

Finally, my fully operational Death Star.
Got it on some light single track today and whoo doggie.
Carves like a gorram steak knife.