i think some of the stuff puts two batteries in series also for double voltage? is that a thing?

I don’t need more tires I don’t need more tires I don’t need more tires I don’t need more tires I don’t need more tires


flex volt works on 20 or 60v tools and is fucking brilliant because batteries >100Ah can’t ship via air but until you install it onto a flexvolt tool, it is technically 3 smaller 20v battery packs

edit- responded to the wrong post- meant to reply to @BEEutiful_Wednesday_DDS. also yeah most lithium ion cells are somewhere in the 3.2-4(?) nominal volt range so it’s all series’d and parallel’d stuff

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missed this when it first came out, but 40%+ off raen

40% off swift until Thursday



40% off Swift forever


40% off the baby Spurcycle bell

I just remembered I have one bike without a bell but it has 31.8 bars (probably why it doesn’t have a bell)


That’s a awesome buy at that price. I’ve got one of those on my road bike and their fancier bells on every other bike. They’re all great.

These would fit a mountain bike riser bar near the grip area, right?


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That bell rules and this thread reminds me to take the dumb novelty Bell off my Bullitt and put a spur back on.

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Not a smoking deal, but Cushcore is running a 20% sale on sets and singles through the weekend.

40% off everything at with
code: BLACKFRIDAY40. Someone buy eebrakes please.

Edit: dammit they’re out of all the fun colors. Someone buy eewings please.

all the colors and limited edition wild bois are sold out, but regular eewings and eeSilk are still in stock

Hellbenders for everyone!

Really makes you think

Dq which one do I need for a regular ass 1 1/8 straight head tube?

That tiny wheels are dead?

The 29er fork is also 40% off. I guess you can get the 27.5 for like 350 bux though? I didn’t try to put that one in my cart.