Aesthetics, or for front ones, where else are you able to put it if you fix it to the head tube/frame?

Wish they had one of the step thru bennos.

if i could smang a clydesdale fork on that…


in this case I think it’s the suspension

both wheels move up into those voids

Been trying to talk my friend into that

maybe you just need to work in “what’s upway with you?” into your pitch


tremendous savings on ass hatchets

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That have had those on clearance for like five years. I think I paid 79 for mine

20 hole… hm. Guess that’s fine with carbon? I haven’t bought anything dumb yet this pay period.

I actually have a theoretical project that could use some rim-brake carbon jobbies, but not sure 20h front nor especially rear is a good idea for a man of substance™.

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20h radial front with rim brakes is easy, especially in carbon

rear is a disaster though, and 20h disc brake is patent nonsense