They have the subtly TAF matte black/pink/purple Synthe. In sizes.


Saw quite a few NOS discounted Redline frames on eBay today. Check out todd’s post/link for details.


Here’s a link to the wholesaler’s eBay account.


Sicker deal: goto for the same frames CHEAPER w/ -20% code: BFCM20. Still free shipping.
I bought a few things from them in the past year. Great seller.


Oh that’s a good hookup


that is a hilarious site. get your canti frames here!


And 26" MTBs.


There’s a 55 cm road bike.


The Shimano through-axle dynamo hub has been spotted in the wild.


This might be what gets me into dyno lyfe.


shimano usa has it in stock and i think maybe Q does too?

now to figure out how to get it on my endpoint if the SP hub ever fails. @EndpointBraden it’s really starting to look like 12mm front is the move henceforth


Held one in my hands on Wednesday. Felt like … a dynamo hub.


ebay+mastercrad free money collabo:


tempted to buy this even though it’s ugly as sin


You racing xc?


nope! Just a CASUAL rider edit* AND DEAL ADDICT over here but especially with that extra 20% off it’s like ok that’s kinda fun.


you could get a v. rad full squish bike for that bucks


Chesters are $38 at REI right now

Did you just ShartQ?

Steep and Cheap still has $7 EA70 stems. It’s almost worth starting an ebay store just to resell a bunch of them.