I think those are like $23 or something.


Jenson has 45rth Winter Gloves on sale for 10 bucks. I don’t need a pair and they don’t show in stock but worth trying?


Decent stock rear wheel for $81:
NEW Easton ARC 30 Ibis Rear Wheel - 29" 142x12 SRAM XD Tubeless
Mine arrived with rim decals scraped-up, no scratches tho. Hub is not high POE, 32ish.


Sickass yeti with king hubs and headset for $1200


If you like her color combos or whatever, RandiJo is running a 20% coupon on all bags until the 1st:


Raleigh is having a pretty decent sale on selected 2018 models.


Raleigh has such weird bikes for super cheap, I kinda love it.


Lol. I watched the video and It’s been so dark and rainy here lately that I was like "woah, Austin or San Fran or wherever that is has a bridge that looks just like the Ballard Bridge!


I kinda like this one:


I wish I could combine all the best elements of their urban line and just make one simple geared low trail hydro disc porteur instead of 10 variations that all make compromises.


That would make too much sense.


DQ I haven’t looked, are any of those Raleighs low trail?


The Raleigh redux 2 looks great but It’s not on sale / my prodeal account for Raleigh isn’t working and also surreptitiously gotten so no support probably.


Before or after reraking the fork?


Kyle, the Ballard Bridge wasn’t in that video.


Fremont bridge. Whatever


Bunch of goddamn carpetbaggers arguing over Seattle landmarks itt.


Good point, I haven’t looked at geometry yet. In my conversation with friends that work there they’ve been considering a rando type bike but probably not considered it for the urban frames


Masi has low trail now


Klymit pillow for shipping only.
Was about 10 bucks