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not bad. i used to get 60 but we burned my account. too many purchases on an email address no longer associated with a business address for a no longer operational business. hopefully smartwool never looks as close

Soma has 20% off the entire store right now. Thinking about a 137 in a fun color.

Nevermind out of stock. And still more expensive than an unpainted basket and a can of spray paint.

Some versions of two-piston M6100 and M8100 brakes are on sale at Universal. So glad I decided to hoard a set of the 6100s when they were literally $40 more each.

Oh, Universal also has small quantities of the big IRD Lobo rings on sale for 40-50% off.

How do these work with the OX601

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They work a treat with my OX801.

Lol, $85 shipping to prison island.


and thus the 46t silver jawn evaporated

I apologize, our availability was incorrect on the Interloc Racing Design Lobo Chainring that you ordered. We tried to order another chainring, but they are not available at this time. I checked with our distributors and unfortunately they are no longer stocking that chainring. Please let us know if there is another chainring that you would like to substitute or how we should proceed.

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Seattle folx: Pedal Anywhere is liquidating a bunch of stuff this weekend