Did you just ShartQ?

Whoa, does anyone know whether it is a coincidence that WI provided rear hubs that closely match two generations of SON shapes?

But it looks like a 7s freehub…

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I think I ran a 9 speed cassette on that hub.

Smallest small cog it will take is 12T.

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Really? Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I screwed up the measurements and my spokes were either too long or to short and I gave up on the project. So I actually have no idea what kind of cassette it takes and I defer to you guys’ superior knowledge.

Smallerer, and smallerer…



each day we stray further from tarckbear


you claim that bear is life, yet bear continues to decrease in size. interesting.


Someone draw a nice icon lol

Or I’ll do it

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Actually looks like it’s fixed if you reinstall the tarck app

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please, my tarckbear, it is very sick


This is the funniest thing I heard all week. Kinda tempted to install the track app in the hopes of getting to see the shrinking bear.

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My tarck app is working fine. It’s through opera. What are y’all’s through?

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Is that your home address on the weather widget :scream:


Damn he doxed himself

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swatting in progress

Not my address.
Close enough though.
Thankfully the weather app is inaccurate with their GPS usage.