Did you just ShartQ?

Thanks. It definitely sounds better in the stand than with the ring in the inner position, which is like 42mm with the 110mm bottom biscuit.

SQ: Is anyone familiar with a Specialized frame, possibly steel, with a rasta tri-color headtube decal and similar tri-color inlays on the fork crown and seatstay caps? Logo decal on downtubelooks early-mid 90’s but my catalog searches are coming up blank.


Did Jah try a magnet to check the Steel Pulse?


Going to check it out tomorrow

Praise him

It’s got some gross paint melt (like it’s been in LA sun for 40 years) and maybe some frame/fork damage? Kinda sucks but maybe won’t be too bad for grocery runs.

After a good hour of Google I’m pretty sure it’s a 1986 Sequoia.


Has anyone out there done a mega-spreadsheet of cross-generation, cross-brand compatability for all drivetrain components? Like the big charts Shimano makes, but for multibrand setups? @adem I’m going to make a guess that if anyone has, it’s you.

You saw this? Wonder how hard to translate into flow diagram


yeah this is pretty much the collection I’m looking for. I was picturing a truly colossal spreadsheet with literally every part in the x and the y, with a simple yes/no/maybe for compatability where they intersect.

I guess I would have to work on reformatting for that to happen, and I’m … not going to do that.

Oooh this could be a fun project



That’s a pretty cool bike. I’m gonna point out that I think you’re right about the frame and fork damage. Those folds in the metal on the fork don’t look great. And the downtube looks poorly repaired?

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lugs make sense for 86 but that paint is really thick and the decals are newer also specialized on the down tube is weird

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Where were people talking about floor pumps?

I killed my cheap one by taking it apart.

Does the Joe Blow “mountain” 60 psi max pump do the thing better than the regular ol’ yellow one? Yeah none of my bikes currently need more than 30 psi.

you’re talking about the blem on the Specialized logo? It’s paint squish/melt from a clamped flickstand-type widget

It’s in the wallet fire thread. Reviews are mixed, but @jawn_doe recommends the yellow one.

Personally, I have the mountain pump and it works fine for what it is. It has the lowest max-psi gauge of what I cound find.

really any of them that aren’t the mountain one ATMO. id rather get a separate, accurate gauge

The mountain one isnt the huge “dual chamber blast of air” thing tho. Even the regular ol $60-70 “mountain” is bad?

Fine I’ll just get the yellow one.

oh idk i haven’t looked at them in a while. chonky boi is what i don’t like

Other than the kids destroying the first nozzle in like a week, the Bontrager Flash Charger TLR has been good to me over the last few years

it’s chonky tho

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Gotcha! Ive seen people use tube blocks to try to pull dents and creases out, with mixed results.

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That fork tho…