Did you just ShartQ?

Also, you then have a nice carbon MTB frame that has been hacked. If you ever plan to resell, that’s something to be considered.

I expect this frame to crack and get hung on a garage wall unfortunately.

Thanks for the list @JUGE_FREDD . Wanna show me one of these fancy hose clamps? Nice thing about this situation is I’ll be slamming the post collar to the frame so I only really need a clamp that will keep it from rotating or pulling out–not so much sinking into the frame.

This is how I ended up reaming closer, ever closer, to the seat tube rocker pivot on my Rip9. It hasn’t assploded yet.

this was exactly strong enough for that, and no stronger



And now I finally know what Sup is.

I believe SUP was historically a slur that ive redefined as a bit


not really a slur :atmo: but someone you were romantically involved with that you would want to say sup to. not our finest moment but we’ve done worse. granted i was less active in the jar of dicks era so someone else with similar but more involved tenure, please lay it out


'Sup is an expression of interest. I.e. “What’s up?”. Could be romantic interest. Probably is, but not necessarily. Could also be an expression of respect. I certainly wouldn’t consider it a slur.


Definitely not a slur. It’s the person you’re suppin’ with good intentions.


When the iconic Budweiser ‘Wassup’ commercial premiered in 1999, Trackbike! was just a xeroxed zine sent out to a small mailing list made up of people who had expressed interest in preordering a copy of the soon to be published book Messengers Style. As a kind of in joke, the mailing list would sent each other goofy postcards just saying Wassup!

This group would later migrate to the internet, where a contingent joined bikeforums.net in the fixed gear community. An internal conflict caused a group of these original Trackbikers to split off and, through an inadvertent domain name spelling error, found tarckbike.com.

The introduction of Budlight Lime in 2008 coincided with the split from bikeforums, and in a callback to the original Trackbike! zine and being both literally and figuratively intoxicated by the new citrus flavor, this rebellious group started using the abbreviated ‘Sup’ as a greeting passed back and forth, and as a winking reference to their origin.


This is canon lore

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The Great Bannening of 2008 was over bootleg Tomasso (Tomasini?) frames, but no one banned actually took part in the bootlegging.


Tarcklbee for revisionist lore


In addition, the reason the wearing of pants is celebrated and mentioned frequently on Tarckbike.com is because in the original Budweiser Wazzup commercial, it is believed that every character in the commercial is wearing pants. The Tarckbike community often pays homage to the Wazzup commercial by themselves wearing pants and conversing about them.


other people defined “sup” just fine so i don’t have to. the specific PROBLEM with the “sup” was that we had a “sup girl” thread where people would post pictures of women, usually on or around bikes, and then other people would remark about how attractive they were.

actually now that i’m thinking about this i remember for a brief time one of the girls featured in the sup girl thread was a poster here? i suspect she was treated poorly but i don’t remember the details.


come back @naterod !!! We need you and your strange 3d graphics.

Was this on bfssfg or tarck?

I have a few vintage ATMO JOD pngs that belong in some kind of ‘it was funny at the time’ museum. It feels like a fever dream in hindsight.


I have sram apex 10s levers and sram silver singlespeed levers. Is it easier to get silver levers with shifting guts by swapping guts or levers?

I would think blades but I can’t figure out how to get blades off. I see videos with a circlip holding the pin, but my pin has a slotted plastic sleeve over it that I can’t get off.

Edit: never mind, I figured the pin out.