Did you just ShartQ?

I haven’t bought disc brake pads in years apparently, what is the model number for whatever superceded Shimano B-01s?

If you’re contamination is volatile, yes. Don’t breathe the smoke.

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This is a longshot, but here goes. My drivetrain is making a very slight clunk every 3 or 4 pedal revolutions. Seems somewhat random, but is super annoying. I’ve checked all the things and can’t seem to identify a cause. I think most obviously, I thought it might be a quick link, or hanger misalignment. I’ve inspected everything, aligned stuff, examined the rear mech and whatnot and can’t seem to find the cause. Happens on the big ring and the small ring and on just about any cog, though is mostly noticeable on the smaller ones.

Any ideas?

Yeah I’d say that’s a chain issue based on your description.

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11-34 cassette? Shimano has had some quality problems with these.

B03S, which has itself been superseded by B05S-RX


If not the quick link, maybe another link is tight? Usually causes a noise as the tight link struggles through the RD pulleys.

Stiff link is my guess too. Just work the whole chain through your hand, should be easy as you’re a known waxer, and test for any stiff link. You also might be able to see it move the derdercage when you spin the cranks backwards.

Setting the pads alight seems to have solved the lack of power as well as the howling. Gave everything (pads, rotor, caliper) a thorough cleaning in alcohol too, for good measure


the final move is to soak everything in alcohol/combustible fluid and THEN light on fire- soak it out, then burn away what remains!

if this contamination resurfaces without you opening the closed hydraulic system, then you have a leaky caliper on your hands, and the best solution for that is a 1-piece XTR or newer design that doesn’t leak or crack its ceramic pistons randomly


If only all problems could be solved with the cleansing power of fire.


Yeah, that’s definitely the next step. Trying to exhaust all options before buying new parts

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they can, but sometimes it involves the entire bike and subsequently the wallet



11-40 xt cassette with a tailhook extension.


Okay fine.

A few months back, I did get saltwater on the drivetrain and left it there for a while. Could be that the chain is done or has a stiff link that’s not the quick link. I did run it slowly backward though, which usually shows a stiff link.

Just swap in a different chain and see if the noise goes away. If it does you know for a fact that it’s the chain.


Is 49mm an okay chainline for a 1x setup on a 142 rear with a 9 or 10 speed cassette? It’s either that or moving the ring back to the inner position and buying a wider bottom biscuit.

I used road outer position (~46mm) on a 130mm spaced bike successfully for years. That would be really close to equivalent with 49mm on 135/142.

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Didn’t have a spare chain, but pulled it to lube and inspect. Couldn’t find a stiff link, which I’d already looked for but I did find a missing roller.

Fixed that and waxed and now all is well.


It’ll probably be fine. I think Shimano specs 52mm for 142 rear, but I figure 49mm will work better in the upper ranges of the cassette where it seems that a shitty chainline has more of an impact.

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