Disco Slippers

With you on this. BOAs are ok I guess, just kinda fiddly. I’ve wound up with some NorthWave jobbers with velcro straps and they feel good to me. Maybe I’m just weird.


it’s not the extra 30s, it’s if i decide i need to adjust mid-ride i need to stop and re-tie both shoes because much like peeing, if i even think i might need to it becomes an obsessive thought


ya I find myself adjusting my shoes while on the bike most rides


I spent a lot more money than I cared to just to get a set of road shoes with Boa that will adjust both tighter and looser. Worth it I guess because it’s been better than trying to mess with Velcro or buckles after my feet start swelling.

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I impulse bought these groad shoes for groad biking and i wonder why I’ve been tying shoes like a chump for all these years.

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i think i have some 43 giro empires from way back that i hated. just the worst shoe for me. sad.

I tried all the 42, 43, and 44 flat shoes in the store and those giro fit the best. Five Tens and RIde Concepts hurt the top of my foot and I know from running that will only get worse.

say less


these are butt ugly and expensive

I’m sure some of you will love them


the dream of the 90s is alive!

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I was there in he first time. No thank you

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very nearly picked up a pair of these, but read that they don’t vent very well, which is a non-starter for me

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These are so close to perfect for me. I like the sleeve - it’s some stretchy windblock type stuff, not neoprene, but there’s something very wrong about the laces.

Today it hit me what the problem is: there’s no tongue to spread out out the pressure from the minimal laces, so the lower run of the top lacing acts as a garotte across the top of your foot preventing you from getting them tight enough.

I’m going to try to whip up a functional tongue to see if that closes the gap on these shoes.

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my expensive Shimano groad shoes finally exploded early this season. the carbon soles were totally destroyed – I am just way too rough on shoes for them to last.

decided to get the “classic” wide boi shoes, Lake, instead of shimano. I bought a pretty spendy model, the same cost as the fancy shimanos, and… I would rate them 6/10 (or 4/10 if indexed to my excitement on ordering shoes specifically designed for my hobbit feet)

  • the size of the shoe was perfect, but the way the last felt with my foot in the shoe was totally insane. I had to take another set of insoles and carefully cut them to provide the support I needed. the insoles that came with the shoes were the most uncomfortable I’ve ever experienced at any point in my life

  • overall build quality seems several pegs lower than shimano at the same price. it just doesn’t feel like a shoe I spent nearly $300 on to me. the only thing I prefer over shimano is that the carbon sole is totally encased in rubber. heavier, but maybe it will last longer

  • also build quality: they are using a lower grade BOA. it cannot loosen, only tighten. this is a bigger annoyance than I had expected. also, one of the BOAs got fucked up, jammed and the rubber coating stripping from the wire. I am probably going to have to replace it

I was really excited to use shoe that actually has a wider last that would support my foot, but overall I am pretty disappointed with my first experience with Lake shoes. Won’t be buying another one after these crap out in 2-3 years.

I’m planning a bike tour next month that is gonna involve about 500mi of riding, but also it’s gonna be a bunch of hike-a-bike and a bunch of short side-hikes on trails to get to hot springs and stuff.

i’m planning on running some spikeyboi flats and some kind of shoe that is NOT spd.

is there a tarck-favorite that would be good for both riding long distances (at a casual, slow pace, definitely not performance riding), decent for hiking, and isn’t super expensive ($100-150 would be ideal, could go higher if needed.)

I was thinking about trailrunners but i’m not sure if those will be stiff enough. I’m trying to find something with at least a little bit of tread for the hikey bits.

trail runners are a great choice, I’d suggest the Altra Lone Peak specifically

low stack height so you’re not loosing power to a big cushy foam sole

should be light, have some tread, be nice to hike in

so long as your body are cool with the zero drop design

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Was also going to recommend Lone Peaks. I haven’t taken them on any long trips, but they’ve been my all-around shoe for light hiking and city riding for several years.

The only drawback is that they will not last more than a year with average use and they cost $150 now.

If you’ve never worn them before, 100% try them on. Sizing is weird and the fit is weird when they are the right size.

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Welp, looks like they got em at the REI next to my house so I’ll give em a once over.
Thanks y’all!

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Five Ten / Adidas - Trailcross?

Gave those Lone Peaks a try, definitely not for me.
They were weirdly tight in some places and weirdly loose in others. Tried in 3 sizes.

Gonna go back to the shoe emporium when I have an hour or so to kill trying shit on I guess.