Disco Slippers

Anyone have a good method for replicating cleat position on a new pair of shoes? Going from an older Shimano shoe to a newer Shimano, so theoretically the shoe dimensions should be roughly the same, not including wear/tear.


it’s a little rough, but marking where the center of the ball of your foot is while wearing each shoe should get you sort of close.

The problem is that you’ll migrate a tiny bit once you start using the shoe, and if you switch inserts it’s back to the drawing board

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not sold on those clearance Adidas gravel shoes some of us bought
materials are nice, I like the sole and I don’t hate the neoprene sleeve, although it looks weird af with socks.
but there seems to be something weird to me about the way they lace up and my heel doesnt feel secured down

I get the same feeling with mine. It only bugs me when I walk though. On the bike it feels solid.

I’ve had them on several 30-50 mile rides now and can say that I like them overall. My gripes are the slippery midfoot outsole and the thin laces that cut into my foot when I crank them down. For the outsole, I’m looking for something to glue to give grip. Stair tread and gorilla glue?

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Does anyone have a favorite clipless shoe for commuting? With a stiffened sole, but generally normal looking and comfortable for walking in? Ideally without laces

not necessarily the answer but the new specialized recon adv shoes have a carbon sold but is flexible at the toes

edit: has laces tho

good luck


I want a boa velosamba or equivalent

IMO motorcycle gas tank traction pad. They’re generally already 3m adhesive backed, and come in a variety of thicknesses and toothiness.



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Dang thats perfect

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Just picked up a pair of these from the local chain bike shop for a very cheap price:

I was always a Shimano 43 Wide, but the last pair I bought were too short (toe against the end) and the 44s were just too big… Did Shimano change their last?

Anyhoo, the Northwave 43 fits me real nice, wide enough and lots of room in the toe box. Hopefully they’re good on the bike.